Does my head look big in this?

The novel, ‘Does my head look big in this?’ written by Randa Abdel-Fattah is about the main character, Amal, she had the challenging decision to wear the hijab which came with not only advantages, but disadvantages and after making the hard chose to wear it full time she started to develop her own sense of identity by embracing her Muslim- Palestinian- Australian heritage through many different ways. Her family and friends all give her full support after she makes the decision to wear the hijab full time but there are people who just don’t except her for it. Throughout the book Amal slowly develops her sense of identity by her behaviours and by her wearing the hijab full time. We see this when she asks her teacher if she can have a quiet room at school so she go and pray during lunchtime. We also see it by the clothes she wears; she wears clothes that usually cover her whole body.

The biggest part of her developing her sense of identity is when she wears the hijab out in public, she is afraid of people judging her on what she’s wearing but she eventually learns to accept the strange looks and comments made about her by staying strong. All of this demonstrates Amal’s dedication to her Muslim religion and to herself for staying strong through everything. During the time that Amal is developing her sense of identity she is supported by a group of people. During the book after Amal has made the decision to wear her hijab full time there is a group of people who support her fully and there is a group of people that don’t. The people who support Amal mainly are her mum and dad, all of her friends and Adam.

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