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Donald Glover; Modern Day Renaissance Man

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People today associate progress with technology. Modern society has advanced because people no longer have to focus on survival. Every technological boom throughout history has been followed by advances in the way people think. After agriculture was developed by the Greeks, the first philosophers ushered in critical thinking. The well known age of enlightenment, The Renaissance, defined new ideas and placed greater focus on the arts. Times of mental change are as important in the progress of humanity as are their technical counterparts because they help people understand how to live in a constantly changing world.

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Donald Glover; Modern Day Renaissance Man
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Even though scientific breakthroughs have become everyday events, many social pundits claim that culture has become stagnant. However, the internet frontier is being pursued by modern-day Renaissance men such as Donald Glover, who has already made his presence felt in almost all forms of modern media. Before even graduating from New York’s Tisch School of Arts, Donald had already developed a prominent identity online via his YouTube sketch comedy troupe Derrick Comedy.

Soon after, he also released a movie, Mystery Team.

Produced as a creative outlet and funded out of pocket, the movie never garnered a blockbuster release. However, Donald Glover cultivated an internet following through social sharing websites and heavy internet distribution, all personally handled. Shortly after graduation, Donald Glover was hired as a writer for the critically acclaimed comedy series 30 Rock. It was his work on the show and the mentoring of Tina Fey that gave Donald Glover the resources and ability to expand his works. . With Donald’s success never too far behind, he was soon starring in the hit comedy show, Community.

Immediately before and shortly after his controversial departure from 30 Rock, Donald Glover’s portfolio expanded to include filmmaker, stand-up comedian, hip-hop artist and actor on top of being a prolific writer. Donald Glover’s saturation of the media guaranteed him the status as a proverbial nerd icon of the modern generation. Since his transition from just a writer, Glover has been able to pursue just about any of his creative interests. Glover has since developed a very successful stand-up career including multiple sold out tours and two specials on Comedy Central.

These specials provided a very juxtaposing image of Donald Glover. Whereas most people have seen him as just the loveable Troy from Community, this was the first time many put a face to the, normally far more provocative jokes of 30 Rock. Donald Glover has also fostered on his own hip-hop career. Throughout his earliest days he pursued two musical outlets; mcDJ his producer DJ persona, and Childish Gambino, derived from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator in high school, his hip-hop moniker.

Glover never dedicated anything more than his time and his passion to the genre and asked nothing back for it releasing all but his most recent album for free digitally. His popularity among most socially hip has developed Childish Gambino as a person of his own. It doesn’t take too long listening to his music to see how his personal touch is everywhere from personal insights about being a young black Frodo alongside misogynistic rhymes to the self produced beats. His musical career has grown to standards on its own that many will never attain, much as performing with Beck.

The drive that most polymaths possess prevents them from being satisfied by their previous accomplishments. Donald is just one such of many recent success stories to display how a general knowledge of the workings of society and a persistent strive have endless possibilities. Having displayed many natural talents at the age of twenty-nine, his possibilities are astounding. As the modern Renaissance man, Donald has accomplished great things, single handily and smartly using all resources available to him.

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Donald Glover; Modern Day Renaissance Man. (2017, Jan 23). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/donald-glover-modern-day-renaissance-man/

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