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Dove Pro-Age Campaign

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    In a typical commercial about beauty products, you would only see slim, sexy, young models demonstrating a product and depicted as beautiful. The Dove Pro-Age Campaign is different and shocking to the eyes of US media that it was banned in the US because it showed too much skin. Or is it because of the American media thinking that it would affect the other beauty products being advertised since it didn’t portray the norm of the American beauty? That is what I think. The product line of Dove Pro-Age is being advertised in the commercial.

    It is also advertising the product as an anti-aging product gearing towards the elder target market. The salient features are the nude women who are presented in the ad and the text “too old to be in an anti-aging ad” and the Dove Pro-Age product line towards the end of the commercial. The background is the plain stage set. The product is associated with the beauty line of products geared towards women who are around the age where they start worrying about the way they look. The product line name “Pro-Age” was developed to show that real beauty has no age limit and that women look beautiful no matter what age they are.

    That is why this commercial showed nude women in the latter stage of their lives showing their imperfections. These are imperfections to the American viewers as they watch the media, but to these women, it is beauty. To me, this commercial symbolizes beauty at no age limit. This is like a new revolution to the media industry for the beauty product line. This ad didn’t fit into the FCC regulations to be aired on television since it is probably something that the media haven’t seen before on network television.

    Dove is targeting older women who do not feel beautiful about the way they look. Their target marketing is probably women of all ages; women who are thin, fat, old, wrinkly, etc. This commercial is trying to portray that whatever size and shape and age you are, you are still beautiful and you do not need to do surgery to be beautiful. Just use our products to moisturize your skin and cleanse your skin and it will remain youthful. I think that is the message that this advertisement is trying to let their audience see. You need to have an open mind to make sense of this ad.

    People who are close minded would probably not understand this ad since it is something that was never seen in network television before. They would probably think, ‘what is a Dove thinking putting nude woman on television to advertise a product’. Since this is a commercial that was going to be aired in network television, the FCC probably banned it since it would be probably rated R for children younger than age 14. And adults would probably not want their child to watch such commercial. The audience must also know what pro-age means.

    For example, I had no clue what the product was about until I searched for it online. The commercial suggests that women should realize that they are beautiful no matter how they look and what size or age they are. Natural beauty is the most important part and everyone should realize that. This Pro-Age product will enhance your features, which will make you feel beautiful naturally without the Botox or other surgical procedures. The cultural assumptions that Dove tries to portray in the ad was to change the way the audience viewed themselves; or rather how all audience of different age and gender viewed women.

    This commercial was a global campaign which aired in other countries except in the US due to the FCC regulations that it didn’t bypass. Dove tried to uniform all audience to think that women are unique in their own ways and that they are beautiful even if they are a bit overweight or wrinkly. Dove also tries to boost women’s self esteem about themselves. The most obvious interpretation of the advertisement is that this product is pro-age and that is the product’s name as well. It is trying to boost the self-esteem of those women who have low self-esteem of the way they look.

    It shows the nude women who are portrayed to be “ugly” to be a model in the American media and it even specifies that they are too old to be in an anti-aging ad. But, that is why they are promoting a product line that isn’t about anti-aging, but pro-aging, which is about natural beauty and as you age older, you are still beautiful. Perceptual interpretation is an important issue in this commercial. This is the main reason why it was not aired in the US, but in other markets across the world. This Dove Pro-Age campaign was aiming to change the perception of the way women viewed themselves.

    Many women, these days adhere to surgery or Botox to make them be perceivably better looking than their natural look. What this product line is trying to do is to allow women to see that they do not need any of those surgeries to make them be worthy and be considered beautiful in the society. The US media proposed that this ad campaign cannot be aired on network television because it showed too much skin, but I think that this is just a cover up. The media probably doesn’t want to alter the American viewpoint of beauty as of yet.

    They are still not up to the revolution of Dove’s viewpoint of beauty which is natural at a limitless age. In American society, the stereotype of beautiful women is portrayed to be slender, tall, and young; whom are all the women featured in ads such as Clean & Clear or Neutrogena. But Dove is trying to change that stereotype of beautiful women and make the statement that at any age and size you are, you are still beautiful. When the audience sees elder women on a commercial, they would not think that it is an ad for a beauty product, but rather for a home insurance or medical insurance.

    That is the stereotype of women over the age of 50. Dove is trying to position their Pro-Age line product as a product for anyone. It’s Pro-Age line includes body lotion, body cream oil, hand cream, body wash, and beauty bar. They are trying to position it as a product that can be used for anyone. It is to help nourish and reconditions your skin look beautiful again. Dove is trying to break away from the norm of regular product lines which produces the same products such as Neutrogena. It is trying to reposition their line as something that is different; something that no other beauty company has done before.

    It showed real women on the advertisement who are just like one of us; not those super models that we barely see off the streets. Dove’s Pro-Age campaign was to raise the confidence of women and for them to take care of themselves by using their products which can help renew their skin. This unaired commercial is a breakthrough in the US media. Even though, it didn’t get to be aired on television, it is being highly publicized online by viral marketing. This commercial is definitely a positive campaign to reposition their brand and to produce a new line, Pro-Age.

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