Earnest is better than hip Essay

In The Last Lecture there is a section that is called “Earnest is better than hip” written by Randy Pausch. In this paper I am going to explain what the lesson Randy learned was, and what the incident he learned the lesson from was. At the beginning he explains that he would take an earnest person over a hip person any day. He says that because a hip person is someone that is not serious and jokes around a lot. An earnest person is someone that is honest, hardworking, and trustworthy.

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Earnest is better than hip
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The incident for Paul was that he was interviewing people for a job, and he had this one person that came in and he was an eagle scout at one time. The person was well dressed and seemed hardworking and trustworthy. But on the other hand Paul had some other people that were what he calls hip, and he really didn’t trust them enough to even want to hire them.

Paul said that he wanted to hire the Eagle Scout more than anyone else due to the fact that he seemed like a hardworking and trustworthy person.

The lesson that Paul learned from this incident was that he would rather be around an earnest person than a hip person. One reason was because a hip person loves to parody and there’s no such thing as a never ending parody. The main thing is he would rather have more respect for the earnest guy that does something that will last for a lifetime. So next time you have to think about choosing between hip or earnest, think about this, would you rather be with someone hardworking and trustworthy or someone that jokes around and is not trustworthy.

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