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Vanadium is a really interesting and utile component. It is solid at room temperature and in its pure province it is a grey silvery metal. It is soft and malleable and it has good corrosion opposition to alkalis sulfuric acid  hydrochloric acid. and salt Waters. Its element symbol is V and its atomic figure is 23. On the periodic tabular array it is in group 5 and in period 4. Its atomic mass is 50. 9415. and the history of Vanadium can be traced back to 1801. In 1801. Vanadium was discovered by Andres Manuel del Rio in Mexico. He prepared salts organize the mineral vanadinite ( so known as brown lead ) . But he didn’t insulate the pure metal. However. people doubted his work. In 1831. Nils Gabriel Sefstrom of Sweden besides discovered Vanadium and confirmed Andres Manuel del Rio’s work. He was besides the 1 who gave the component its name. Vanadium is a Norse name and comes from the word “Vanadis” who was the Norse goddess of beauty. It was named this as the component signifiers multicolored compounds. Henry E. Roscoe was the 1 who foremost isolated metallic V in 1867. and he did so by cut downing V chloride. The negatron constellation of Vanadium is 1s2 2s2p6 3s2p6d3 4s2.

Vanadium besides forms different isotopes. Natural Vanadium is a mixture of the two stable isotopes. Vanadium-50 ( 0. 24 % ) and Vanadium-51 ( 99. 76 % ) . Vanadium-50 is slightly radioactive. with a half life transcending 3. 9 ten 1017 old ages. Vanadium has other radioactive isotopes. but they have half-lives shorter than an hr. They range from Vanadium-40 to Vanadium-65. and none of these isotopes are found in nature. There are besides different ions of Vanadium that usually have charges of +2. +3. +4 and +5. and they are really utile. Vanadium is used in atomic applications. for bring forthing rust-resistant spring and high-speed tools. Vanadium is besides used as a steel additive or ferrovanadium. Vanadium-gallium tape is besides of import as it is used to bring forth superconducting magnets. However. despite the fact that Vanadium is utile there are many jeopardies associated with its usage.

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Vanadium metal pulverization is a fire jeopardy. and all Vanadium compounds should be regarded as extremely toxic. Vanadium compounds in some industrial fume pollution may besides do lung malignant neoplastic disease. so steps should be taken to forestall this One should be careful when covering with and sublimating Vanadium. Vanadium can be probably found in about 65 minerals  including vanadinite carnotite patronite and roscoelite. It can besides found in certain Fe ores and phosphate stone and in some petroleum oils as organic composites. The purification procedure to obtain Vanadium from such beginnings is somewhat complex. Heating Vanadium ore with salt NaCl at about 850°C gives Na vanadate. which is so dissolved in H2O and acidified to give a ruddy solid. This in bend is melted to organize a rough signifier of Vanadium pentoxide. Decrease of V pentoxide with Ca gives pure V.

Due to this long procedure. the market monetary value of Vanadium is $ 220 per 100g. which is $ 2. 20 for 1g. There is a batch more to cognize about Vanadium including that its thaw point is 2183 K. Vanadium’s boiling point is 3680 K. and Vanadium’s denseness is 5. 8 Grams Per Cubic Centimeter. The 1st Ionization Potential of Vanadium is 650. 1 kJ/mol and its atomic radius is about 134 autopsy. The ionic radius is different for different ions but ranges from around 49. 5 radius / autopsy for the V ( V ) ion to 93 radius / autopsy for the V ( II ) ion. and is largely around the 70s. The bond radius is 125 autopsy. and the electronegativity of Vanadium is 1. 63 in Pauling units.

In decision. Vanadium is a really interesting component with an interesting background every bit good. It has many utilizations ( largely affecting steel ) . but it can besides be a wellness and fire jeopardy. Pure Vanadium can be difficult to obtain. but Vanadium forms many compounds that are used really frequently in things such as dyes and ceramics. It besides has many isotopes. but merely two are found in nature. Still. Vanadium is a really of import component. and there is still much more to larn about it.

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