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Elements of Poetry: Order for Mask

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Speaker: The Speaker is adult female portraying three different functions ( SISTER. DAUGHTER and LOVER ) Audience: The shaper of the masks is the audience.

Content: The verse form is all about a adult female who is playing three functions. She shapes her behaviour. action and personality in conformity to the demands of the work forces in her life. In our sentiment this degrades the position of the adult female as it reduces her whole being to mere instruments that satisfies and supplications men’s demands and wants.

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Elements of Poetry: Order for Mask
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Furthermore. this decision is compensated by the other fact that verse form is seeking to connote. It besides shows that the adult female. through her ability to do the work forces in her life see and believe what she wants them to. in other words she can pull strings what she wants the work forces in her life to believe what she is through that “mask” . Subject: We believe that the chief thought of the narrative is about adult females in the society.

It’s about what adult females do to fulfill the demands of the people around them.

Shape and Form: The verse form is a free poetry. It does non follow a form. Mood or Tone: In each function she partakes it has a different temper. When she played the function of a sister she felt choler that is why she doesn’t want to be like him. When she was playing the function of a girl her temper is unagitated or slightly pure to fit the things that her male parent wants her to be – pure. guiltless and chaste. taking him to believe that she is the perfect girl. Last when she is portraying the function of a lover her temper is a mixture of hatred and love. passion and disgust because her lover had raised his manus on her that left a grade so that’s where the hate and disgust comes from yet she is still in love and pure of passion with that adult male because she still wants to be beautiful and presentable in his presence.

Imagination: The poet wants us to conceive of the functions that adult females play in our mundane life and what they to fulfill our demands and wants. Enunciation: The poet chose to show the adult female individuality by depicting her when she wears the masks in the presence of each adult male in her life. Figurative Language: Allusion

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