English is very important

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English is a crucial language in today’s world, with approximately 375 million people speaking it as their first language and an additional 375 million as their second.

The British Council states that about one-quarter of the global population has some level of proficiency in English, and there is an increasing demand for English skills among the remaining three-quarters.

Therefore, it is essential for students in Malaysia to prioritize their education in English.

In addition, English is widely used internationally, especially for business purposes and academic pursuits. For example, the British Council’s teaching centers worldwide have around 130,000 students who learn various subjects using English as the medium of instruction.

English is a crucial language to learn in my country, starting from kindergarten and continuing throughout our education. It is also a requirement for many jobs. Additionally, English serves as a vital means of communication with other countries. For instance, when traveling to English-speaking countries where the local language is not known, it becomes challenging to interact and find accommodations or go shopping. Not needing to learn multiple languages but focusing on a widely spoken international language like English is advantageous. To summarize, English is widely popular across the globe, and we should begin learning this common language at a young age. Whether we are students or businessmen, learning English has several significant benefits. Although learning any language can be challenging, using the right approach is key. One of the most effective methods is to commit to speaking English daily. In my country, this is particularly important as it aids success in both professional and educational pursuits.

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