Amy tan mother tongue Essay

Rachel worrier In Amy Tans “Mother Tongue” the emphasizes on American English, views on Amoy’s mothers “Broken English”. When speaking from Amoy’s mother tongue she rights using all sorts of different grammatical. When she is addressing an American professional Amoy’s English is very proper. Amy views her mothers “broken English as normal. Amy knows her mother is not a dumb lady by any means she understands things like the stock market.

Amy is frustrate by how society looks down on her mother as if she is not as smart because Her mothers English is “limited” The passage speaks on how the educational system steers Chinese American away from English and has them focus on Math and engineering.

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4. Key Word Sentences a. Select 4-5 words you think are most important in the text. “broken” “limited” “simple” “fractured” b. Write these words into a sentence that makes sense.

American society viewed Amy tans mothers English as “broken” “limited” simple” “fractured” c.

Repeat this twice more (for a total of e sentences using the words). Even though Amoy’s mothers English was viewed as “broken” “limited” “simple” or “fractured”, Amy Tan wrote her books as if her mother were her audience. “Broken” “limited” “simple” “fractured” are words used to describe the English of Amoy’s mother. D. Evaluate the three versions and write which is most accurate and tell why.

Even though Amoy’s mothers English was viewed as “broken” “limited” It helped me further understand the text because it gave me Amoy’s prospective on her mothers English. 7. Anticipate the audience. Write about the author’s intended audience and what clues you used from the text to help you figure that out. Amoy’s audience is the American education system. Teachers students. Her mother is also in her audience, since she speaks Of her mother tongue.

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