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Scheduling systems Architecture Functional


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These contributions are then discussed and classified, and a modular architecture for manufacturing scheduling systems is proposed. This proposal updates, extends and refines the well-known architecture proposed earlier by Pinned and Yen’s [Pinned, M. L. , Yen, B. P. -C. , 1997. On the design and development of object-oriented scheduling systems. Annals of Operations Research…

research architect Philippe Starck


Words: 527 (3 pages)

            Philippe Starck is one of the most renowned contemporary French designer/architects in the world. His work ranges from the most acclaimed buildings and interiors to the most ubiquitous kitchen tools. Birth and childhood             Born in Paris in 1949 to an aircraft designer and manufacturer, Starck was initiated into the world of design at…

British Architectural Methods


Words: 890 (4 pages)

During the 1800s Great Britains empire stretched around the world, and with raw materials easily available to them this way, they inevitably began refining and manufacturing all stages of many new machines and other goods, distributing locally and globally. However, despite being the central workshop of the world, Britain was not producing the highest quality…

Georgian Architecture in Bath and its Development and Design



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Georgian Architecture in Bath and its Development and Design. Regarded as the social heart of Bath for more than two centuries, the Pump Room is a striking neo-classical salon it is the place to which hot Spa water is drawn for drinking. Either before or after having taken the bathing.  No1  The Pump Room. Designed…

Architecture – Building Culture



Words: 2868 (12 pages)

ARCHITECHTURE Architecture has predominantly swayed the world in the Prism of its own unique style and patterns depicting the erstwhile social and cultural life and bestowing Nations with the ornaments of crowning glory and Pride. The word ‘architect’ itself is most probably derived from the Greek word Arkhitekton, simply means ‘chief builder’ having born in…

Own building in Honor of the Centenary


My Home

Words: 1705 (7 pages)

During the mid 1950’s, the Joseph E. Seagram and Sons Corporation began planning the construction of its own building in anticipation of its hundredth anniversary. The Director of Planning, Phyllis Lambert, commissioned Mies van der Rohe with the task of designing a building that held architectural merit while at the same time adhering to the…

Frank Lloyd wright`s impact on the world of architecture


Words: 2251 (10 pages)

I. Introduction             The word architecture describes the overall look of a building. Through history, building styles have developed differently all over the world. The shapes of the first buildings were determined by the construction techniques people knew at the time and also by the materials available to them. People who lived near forests became…

Doric architecture


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Abstract  Architecture deals with the principles of construction, design and ornamentation of fine environments and buildings with the thought of their splendor and esthetic effect. In the design of buildings, there are various forms of architecture used before constructing them. Various forms of architecture were used in the Greece and Roman countries by the designers…

Gothic architecture


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Introduction Gothic architecture and Renaissance architecture are both the comprehensive look of civilization in their ain times. Gothic architecture started in 12th-century France and lasted for 4 centuries, into the 16th. After that, Renaissance architecture took the topographic point of Gothic architecture from 15 century until 17 century from Florence, Italy. Different time-backgrounds, societal civilizations,…

Ancient Greek Architecture Was Profoundly Influenced by the Ancient Near East


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To answer this question, it is vital that we define the boundaries of the ancient near east. Two prominent countries, Mesopotamia and Egypt, seem to have been subjected to an appearance of ‘monumental architecture and sculpture’ at almost the same time, according to Henri Frankfort in his publication The Art and Architecture of the Ancient…

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