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Language Learning Essays

Word frequency and the corpus approach for near synonymous words

Word frequency and the corpus approach for near synonymous words Have you ever asked yourself how intelligent and brilliant you are? – This a common question I often hear from other people’s usual conversation. The word intelligent is joined with the word brilliant by the connector and, which means in addition. The question just implicitly …

Peace in Mindanao

The peace process in Mindanao still needs a lot of work. The path to peace on the Bangsamoro sector. The establishment of compromising and reaching of the meeting of minds has been conducted. What I want to see is how this will all played out. It is one big step and a giant leaf to …

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Language Learning

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Express Yourself Language Institute

Express Yourself Language Institute Increased competitive edge • Improved self-esteem • Enhanced thinking skills Background Many colleges and universities require foreign language study, and U.S. students from every degree-granting educational institution recognize the importance of fluency in a foreign language. The Express Yourself Language Institute (EYLI) is the premier destination for students wishing to get …

Typography and Keyword End

Exercise 1 Give a BNF grammar for each of the languages below. For example, a correct answer for “the set of all strings consisting of zero or more concatenated copies of the string ab” would be this grammar: ::= ab | There are often many correct answers. a. The set of all strings consisting of …

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