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Oklahoma Bombing Speech Analysis

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His goal was to urn with the audience, but not to dwell on it, he wanted to try and help them to move on. His use of pathos, logos, and ethos added to the effectiveness of the speech. He began his speech by addressing the ones that were most effected, and then by addressing the rest of the world. He establishes himself and his credibility by not only being the president, but also being a father, a husband, a person. When he says “Hillary and also come as parents, as husband and wife, as people who were your neighbors for some of the best years of our lives.

This builds his pathos and ethos and allows the audience to connect tit him on a more personal, deeper level, knowing that he is just like the rest of them, that they share a common ground. This allows Clinton to talk to them, not above them. Immediately after this he uses the emotions of the audience to his advantage, through the use of pathos.

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Oklahoma Bombing Speech Analysis
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He grieves and mourns with the audience; this is shown when he says “You have lost too much, but you have not lost everything,” everything being America. Clinton uses a quotation from a widowed mother that only helped the rhetorical sense of the speech.

He quotes her by saying, “The anger you feel is laid, but you must not allow yourselves to be consumed by it. The hurt you feel must not be allowed to turn into hate, but instead into the search for justice. ” These words are powerful as is, but the fact that they were spoken by someone who has experienced what they are going through cause the words to mean so much more. They listen to her words more the Clinton in my opinion, because she has been in their shoes. Another use of quotations is when he quotes Mr.. Keating ‘I If anybody thinks that Americans are mostly mean and selfish, they ought to come to Oklahoma.

If anybody thinks Americans have lost the capacity for love and caring and courage, they ought to come to Oklahoma”. This helps the audience feel closer to the situation, they may grieve together, but they will also fight together, for justice. He also fortifies his speech by the use Of parallel Structure and repetition in order to add to the aspect of persuasion. His use of repetition is seen when he says “We mourn.. We share… We thank.. We pledge. ” The use of we signifies that Clinton, as the president and as a friend will mourn with them. It means that in these times more than ever we must come together as a nation.

He uses repetition and parallel structure many times throughout the entirety of the speech and it has an inspirational kind of tone to it, because of this the audience feels the need to stand up to evil and hatred, because good trumps evil any day. Another time we see this is through the “Who worked” sequence. This plays to the emotion of the audience and puts what has occurred into a reality. Lastly when he talks about planting the tree in honor of the children, this makes the audience believe and understand that he does care. Bill Clinton brought the nation together, and helped them move on when it was thought impossible.

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