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The Jungle Book, Morals and Ethicss

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The story of "The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling is a tale of a young man cub by the name of Mowgli- "the Frog", who is apart of an extremely atypical society. The story begins when a Panther who goes by Bagheera discovers an abandoned boat still with one helpless passenger; baby Mowgli. Bagheera then takes the child to the one place he deems fit, which was the wolf pack in the Indian Jungle. Ten years go by very quickly and Mowgli has grown into incredibly energetic and adventurous young boy.

For the most part a human boy living among animals in the jungle was acceptable to most, except a tiger named Shere Khan. The wolf pack knows of Shere Khan's hatred for man and decides the best way to protect him is by sending him to the man village to live with his own kind. On his way to the village, Mowgli meets various animal characters that help support him and some who attempt to delude him.

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The Jungle Book, Morals and Ethicss
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Ultimately, Mowgli must face Shere Khan as his last obstacle on he way to a new life. Once this battle concluded Mowgli at last makes his way to the man village where he in a bittersweet moment leaves behind some old friends and finds a family.The Jungle Book is much more than a story of a boy rose by wolves in a jungle. When looked at closely it depicts all of human society; the unjust and even corrupt. It shows how our society could work and structure just as a jungle could, with the "laws of the jungle" and "rules of civilization." The jungle represents a city and all the animals are its citizens. Each animal in The Jungle Book represents a different part of the city. There are hard workers, schemers, beggars, leaders and criminals. Kipling uses the jungle and its animals to represent human civilization and the dangers that are present. This danger could be many things such as war, lack of food or lack of culture. Kipling's chief point is that danger is always around and is always present. This …

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