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During a scene in the film Rush Hour 3, Chief Inspector Lee uses the aforementioned words to describe his friendship with Detective James Carter. This duo has been together since 1998 and their fictional friendship has become highly regarded. Their close bond was formed through a random arrangement in the first Rush Hour movie, as well as their shared experiences of risking their lives for others. The various settings in the Rush Hour trilogy play a significant role in the development of Lee and Carter’s friendship. Being set in three different countries allows for them to rely on each other when in unfamiliar environments. Inspector Lee hails from Hong Kong, while Detective Carter is from Los Angeles, and neither had previously traveled to their friend’s respective country. Exploring what establishes Inspector Lee and Detective Carter as the best of friends can be best illustrated through their diverse cultures, global travels, and the immense success of this trilogy. The story of Rush Hour begins in Hong Kong shortly after the British handover of the territory to China.Inspector Lee, who was featured in Rush Hour 2, is committed to stopping the smuggling of Chinese artifacts to multiple countries. He carries the weight of emulating his deceased father, who was killed while on duty. Despite any potential risks, he remains determined to persevere.

The Rush Hour series showcases the development of a deep friendship between its two main characters, Lee and Carter. They refer to themselves as “brothers from another mother,” illustrating the strong bond they have formed through constant support and companionship. This friendship is relatable to anyone who finds themselves in a similar cultural situation. The Rush Hour series highlights the notion that friendships can thrive between individuals who are complete strangers or have known each other for a long time (IMDB, 2007). The movie Rush Hour, directed by Brett Ratner in 1998, further supports this theme (Ratner, 1998). These ideas emphasize the universality and significance of friendships.

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