Evidence of vikings and African presence before 1492

Compare the evidence of a Nordic presence in the Americas before the arrival of Columbus with the evidence of a West African presence during that period. It has been said by historians that the Nordics and the West Africans were in the Americas before Columbus arrived in 1492. Though evidence, such as oral sagas, tracing routes which it was said they took, artifacts, skeletal remains, among others, have been found to prove that they could have been present; there are still debates as to whether or not they actually came to the Americas before Columbus. Some believe that the evidence of the presence of the Nordics is more admissible than that of the West Africans. The Norse (also known as the Vikings) got their name from the language they spoke, ‘Old Norse’. They were originally from Scandinavian countries. It believed that they came to the new world for several reasons such as; the fact that it had a rich supply of salt to preserve their goods, they were explorers, the country they lived in, Greenland, soon became over populated and they experienced a great famine in 975. It is also believed that there was a political unrest between the cans in Northern Europe.

1. The African presence in the Americas is strongly indicated by stone head, terra cottas, skeletons, inscriptions, oral tradition and documented history, botanical, linguistic and cultural data. Assess the evidence of Viking and African presence in the Americas before 1492.

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2.  They were Norse people from Scandinavia. Scandinavians are people from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They left their homes to trade and raid along shore lines. They had a special ship that had a dragon, this was said to have driven fear in others.

3.  The evidence surrounding their presence in the Americas is filled with controversy. The evidence of their presence range from proven and unproven A Nordic site was discovered by Anne Ingstad at L’Anseaux Meadows. There were buildings that were similar to the Norse Style. A stone was found at the site, after examination it was proven to be a fake.

4.  The inscription could not be traced. Research………. Who was Eric the Red? What were the Vineland Saga ? When did the Norse people arrive? When did they start colonization?

5.  Africans also set out on ships to trade They ended up in the Americas They were ship wrecked and they ended up living with native people Evidence of their presence was supported by Columbus in his writings Columbus wrote that Haitians told him that black skinned people came in boats , trading metals spears. Evidence of these spears were tested
and proven to be identical to those in Guinea Africa.

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