Expand my horizons

The desire to widen and expand my horizons has always been my motivating factor to pursue my interests. It gives me the willingness to overcome boundaries and hurdles to promote the creation of skills and expertise that can guarantee a stable future and successful professional career. With this inspiration and mindset, I wish to show my intention to apply as a Motion Pictures & Television Graduate Student at the Academy of Art University.

The passion for creativity and imagination has prompted me to apply for this graduate degree. Given the diversified environment right now, it is important that I be formally educated in an institution that can hone and develop my skills and expertise in the field. At the same time, I wish that I can be able to use my previous study as a model wherein I can effectively apply in the film and television industries.

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I am an immigrant from South Korea who went to Canada to seek and explore the possibilities of further education. Looking back, I was to finish my Bachelor of Arts in Economics in McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario last 2008. To further supplement this degree, I enrolled at the McMaster University’s Centre for Continuing Education. In here, I was a Diploma in Management Studies candidate.

Looking at my working experience, I had involved myself in both the practice of my profession. In summer of 2007, I was an interim assistant manager at CJ GLS Delivery Service at Bu-Cheon, South Korea. Back at 2005, I was affiliated with Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel Summer Camp as an English teaching assistant. With all of these, I did not only have the necessary capabilities to interact with other people but also gave me the leadership skills necessary to prepare me for this application.

The ideas and concepts surrounding film and television have always intrigued me. Though I may have not taken it up as my major in College, I feel that it is not too late to do so. Due to this, I now seek this graduate degree AAU because the school can provide me with the effective instruction and training to satisfy both my short and long term goals which include being part of the entertainment industry or working for a theater group. I see this degree to be a good fit because with the mixture of my management background and having competency in this field, I can maximize and expand my career not only in the entertainment industry but also in various fields of media and arts.

With my pending citizenship application in Canada, I seek to work for the country for a year so that I can fulfill the necessary requirements. Given this situation, if ever the university shall accept me as their student, I wish to take part in an on-line program. I feel that instruction and the commitment of the professors are likely the same compared with the real classroom setup. Moreover, I can supplement my study by working as a theatre manager so that I can apply the theories and concept that learn towards the real scenario. By doing this, I can expand and develop new skills that can be beneficial in my study.

In the end, I hope that the admissions committee considers my application. Not only shall this be vital for the realization of my career but can also shape the direction of my decisions in the next 5-10 years. Though I may not be able to provide you with extensive background in the field, I feel that my hard work, dedication and persistence can give me the leverage over other candidates in this realm. Providing me with this opportunity can give me the capability to showcase art and media to other people and help create appreciation and inspiration.

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