Explain how speech language and communication skills support each of the following areas Essay

Speech: verbal communication, made up of sounds words sentences which have order and rules. Language: names and words which describe things and join them together, different languages come from different regions or countries some are more similar to each other than others. Structured communication with rules that allow them to convey anything Communication: sending and receiving messages using body language, facial expression and gesture and language Speech, language and communication needs: we need to communicate so we can get our message across and our preference, make ourselves understood.

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Explain how speech language and communication skills support each of the following areas
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Explain how speech language and communication skills support each of the following areas. Learning: allows children to express their feelings to ask questions, to further their knowledge. Emotional: to be able to express emotions in a calm and controlled manner especial with children that gets frustrated and kicks and screams. Behaviour: be able to communicate to express preferences to avoid issues or to reward good or unwanted behaviour. Social: speech improves social skills by children being able to talk to each other and reason, discuss opinions and preferences.

Describe the potential impact of s,l,c. Difficulties on the overall development of the child, both currently and in the longer term Would slow their learning down and not able to reach goals, areas and not be able to have written skills, not so good social skills. Lack confidence and self esteem, tend to be lonely children Explain the ways in which adults can effectively support and extend the s,l,c. Of children during the early years, including the relevant positive effects of adult support for children and their careers.

Children’s speech and language can be developed using rhymes singing and stories, by planning games, it depends why they don’t talk. Communication can be developed in different areas like makaton, Pecs, playing blowing bubble games. Developing facial muscles. Communicating g with carers teaching or showing them things you re doing to encourage them to do similar at home. Explain how levels of speech and language vary between children entering early years and meed to be taken into account during settling in and planning.

You have from children with no speech at all to children with a lot of gesturing etc to children with English as a second language and very little English, the most have up to 4 word sentences and children with sen. This effects planning as need to include a lot of role play, recognisable toys that they may have at home. Use pictures and Pecs. Always talk to the children whether they listen or not about what we are doing, talk about things to encourage speech.

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