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Facing the Giants Reaction Paper Essay

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  • Pages 2
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    The secret of the team’s success is their religion to God. Their manager and the squad itself seems to be hopeless and about to give up. but their manager make a base and seek God. His disclosures and His sovereignty in their state of affairs. Our events squad about has the same state of affairs. We seem to be hopeless in mounting our ain event because we are running out of clip and we still don’t have an approved rubric. The good thing is. our professor gave us last opportunity and our event director gathered all of us to discourse and vote for our rubrics proposal. Finally. we were able to hit the grade and acquire an blessing because of our teamwork and doggedness even if there is no hope. This is a really good film to watch for households and for people who are losing hope in their ain state of affairss. I realized that in life. there is nil we can’t accomplish with religion. We have our ain giants. but we can non confront them without God in our side. The film shows that it is besides of import that our lives should be guided by the Word of the Lord because His Wordss can regenerate our mentalities and liquors and His Word can illume up our journey in this universe. I besides learned that. wherever God puts me. I must make my best non for myself. non for anybody else. but for His name to be glorified. My life must be a great testimony that will animate and will promote others. Giving up is ne’er an option. If we feel like discontinuing. we must inquire ourselves why we started. In everything we will make we must give our best and all that we have. all for our Lord. This film gives its spectators something to prize a life-time. It will travel every bosom. I was watery-eyed eyed in the portion where the boy was stating sorry to his male parent after recognizing that he truly needs to esteem his male parent. It is a good illustration to follow because presents. adolescents don’t have this regard for their parents. Movies nowadays will go forth us stunned or give us some laughters but this film gave us lessons that we can truly use to our households and calling life.

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