Factors Affecting the Reading Interest of the Students

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This study focused on identifying which factors impact high school students’ interest in reading novels. The researchers used a survey form that included factors such as genre, popularity, author, cover, synopsis, number of pages, thickness, peers, family, and teachers. The survey was distributed to four pilot sections of a high school department. Based on the survey results, the genre of the book was found to be the most influential factor in affecting one’s reading interest, followed by popularity and cover. The researchers concluded that books should be catered to the tastes of its readers to encourage more reading. However, the researchers recommend that more careful investigation and accurate calculations should be employed to achieve more reliable results.

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This study deals on discovering the doctors that could detect the reading interest to he high school students when it comes to novel books. The factors collaborated by the researchers are the genre of the book, its popularity, author, cover, synopsis, number of pages, thickness, the persons’ peers , family and teachers, which were used in the survey form and used by the researchers to gather their data and findings and were handed out to the four pilot sections of Dry. Yang’s Colleges Inc. High School Department.

In the survey conducted, it appears that the genre of the book is the most influential factor that could affect one’s reading interest as well as he popularity and the cover of the book which rank second and third respectively based on the said survey.The researchers therefore conclude that the genre of the book is indeed the most influential factor when it comes to reading interest and that these genres should suit the taste of its readers for these books to be read by the people living in the world of reading. The researchers recommend that much careful investigation and better and much more accurate way of calculation should be use in order to come up with much more accurate and reliable results

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