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The narratives Falling in Love by Sandra Birdsell and A Scarf by Carol Shields use settings to depict deeper meanings in the characters’ journeys. Lureen’s messy and limited apartment in Falling in Love portrays her disorganized life and need for restoration, while Reta’s luxurious hotel in A Scarf reflects her wealthy and privileged life with a clear direction. These contrasting settings reveal the differences in the clarity of their lives. The descriptions of the settings enable the reader to obtain a visual image and understand the characters’ mental states and current situations.

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Settings used throughout narratives are frequently meant to portray a deeper significance of the narrative. character ( s ) . or struggle. as opposed to simply functioning as inactive backgrounds. Within the narratives Falling in Love by Sandra Birdsell and A Scarf by Carol Shields. there are first­person contemplations about the chief characters’ journeys at certain points in their lives. Lureen from Falling in Love has been abandoned by her fellow and is on her manner back to her childhood place. while Reta Winters from A Scarf has written a book and is now on a book circuit to New York. Washington. and Baltimore. On both jaunts. the writers use inventive scene to uncover a more profound word picture of their supporters by reflecting their current state of affairss in life and their mental provinces.

Most of the important scenes throughout the narratives contrast each other. nevertheless reveal the same facet of the characters. One illustration of a scene where this occurs is where the characters reside at. at one point in their lives. In Falling in Love. Lureen lives in a three sleeping room flat that is situated above a meatman store. It is described holding a “caved in ceiling” ( Birdsell 370 ) . which can show the limited and confined life that Lureen is leting herself to populate. Besides. “sawdust and shaves ankle­deep on the floor. ceiling splines swinging free” ( Birdsell 370 ) show the really mussy. sloppiness. and stationariness of her character. Last. a “lone visible radiation bulb suspended by a individual twined wire” ( Birdsell 370 ) shows Lureen’s last small spot of edifying change that can happen in her life. These descriptions finally impose a ocular image to be obtained by the reader as really broken and unorganised.

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The manner Lureen describes her life at the minute allows the reader to do a analogue between her flat and herself. She describes her life as “between occupations. waiting for the universe to end” ( Birdsell 372 ) and “ [ she ] left school…” ( Birdsell 370 ) . The broken. untidy flat shows Lureen’s disorganized life. and how her life needs Restoration. As opposed to Lureen. while Reta is on her book circuit. she stays in a really excessive hotel. She depicts every item. stating “a sleeping room. two full baths. a really broad bed. and more couchs than I would hold clip to sit on in my short stay” ( Shields 391 ) . which reflects upon her wealthy and privileged life. This contrasts the manner Lureen’s flat expressions and therefore their lives.

Then. Reta says “and a java table consisting of a sheet of glass posed on three huge faux books” ( Shields 391 ) . This facet of the hotel reveals her character’s life as really definite and it has a clear way. being that the glass is crystalline. Sing as Lureen’s flat was mussy. these scenes differ in the sense of lucidity. therefore demoing to the reader the differences between the lucidity of these characters’ lives. Overall. this account causes the reader to obtain a ocular image that shows wealth and munificent organisation.

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