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Family Composition

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Yes, it seems that a family is one of the biggest God’s gifts. As a rule, we do not notice this in our everyday life.

We just know that we have our mom and dad, grandparents, and other family members. And only in some specific moments we realize how these people are important to us, and that no one else in this world will love us as they do. In my family I still have my mom and my dad; I’m the eldest among my three siblings.

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Family Composition
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There are three girls and only one boy in the middle, now were all big kids we help our parents in managing our owned small little business and doing our own assigned task in doing household chores.

For me family is very important in one’s life; because it contributes the most to one’s character and it will be a role model to you when you build your own family too.

Although we know that there are many different kinds of relationships within families, but I’m happy to say that my family loves each other.My mother’s relationship with us as her children is warm, caring, and protective. Though she has wants and needs and desires, she is willing to give up some of her time for us.

My mom is like the hen and us her children, the baby chicks under her wing. I’m so happy that I have mom like her who always thinks about what will be our future and all the best things for us. My father’s relationship with my mother is lovable, caring and compassionate. Before they made the commitment to each other to have a family, they make sure that they were right for each other or they are equally yoke.

I believed that they are meant to be together, We know that in almost family there are times that trials come to challenge us not only by our faith but also with our individual relationship with each other. For the past 19 years in my life, I admit that there are times that they were quarrelling and fighting but they never hurt each other physically they still have a respect for each other but because of the love and faith of a successful marriage, they are going to spend the rest of their lives together with us and with God. The trials and tribulations of a family are many, but the end results are rewarding.

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