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Filipino General Macario Sakay

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Raphael Rapi 10924019 Kaspil2 C31 The movie was about the independence fighters during the American War that was led by a man named Macario Sakay. Until today, there have been many misconceptions whether this insurgence was truly patriotic or merely a bandit’s doing. This movie emphasizes that the movement was truly a revolution and not just banditry. Macario Sakay was a former revolutionary leader under the Katipunan. He was actually a leader of the Dapitan chapter for the Katipunan. He fought relentlessly even if their leader, Emilio Aguinaldo already surrendered to the Americans.

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Filipino General Macario Sakay
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He was then captured but then freed later on. But Macario Sakay was a man who stood for freedom. He was not able to bear the thought that the Philippines would be under foreign rule yet again. He felt that everything they fought for would be for naught if he did not do anything about it. After months or years, he would again take up arms and establish the so-called Tagalog Republic.

The remaining revolutionary leaders who still were fighting for freedom in different regions Luzon recognized the Tagalog Republic.

They all combined their powers in order to come up with a strong uprising against the Americans. They planned out to dress up as contabularyos, who were Filipinos who worked for the Americans, to infiltrate the American bases and steal their weaponry. They were successful at one point but then again the Americans noticed their activities. As their counterattack, the Americans relocated all the barrios that were supportive of the revolutionaries in one place. In doing so, the revolutionaries began to starve. The end of the Tagalog Republic is one that is truly remorseful.

It is deceit or treachery working as its finest. Mr Gomez, a Filipino citizen, sold the Revolutionaries to the American government. They were promised of pardon once they surrendered themselves. But fact of the matter is, the double crossing Americans never thought of a bargain with the revolutionaries. The plan from the start was to invite the leaders of the revolution at a banquet and capture them there. It is saddening that a lot of times the downfall of Philippine heroes was caused by their own fellowmen. Heroes are heroes for all that they are.

They have done al these things for the benefit of their country and not of their own. We should be proud though for the people who sacrificed their time and their effort for the sake of our Mother Land. In this film, it is shown that the Tagalog Republic was a movement of freedom and not merely a band of bandits. Gone are the misconceptions of what Macario Sakay and his efforts have done. As Sakay’s last words were, “Filipinas, farewell! Long live the Republic and may our independence be born in the future! “

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