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1.How do I feel about this novel ? The way I feel about this novel is kind of mixedbecause , I couldn’t tell if Mr. King was trying to scare me like it was a horror story or ifhe was trying to make this story more Science Fiction . The way I reacted , when he startsto talk about the power of Charlie McGee and how she is starting to realize her strengths.

It freaked me out , because how could somebody have that much power.

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The way thisnovel relates to me and others is , when McGee starts to become very controlling with tomuch power . My friends do the same thing when they think their in charge. The feeling Imostly experienced . Was sadness for McGee because she was blessed with a gift , thatmany would not want , being able to set things on fire . The way I responded to knowingthat she had these powers at first was OK cool, but then I realized what kind of2.

I think the novel means that some people are born with special things or badthings. Such as a good thing being perfect and healthy, but a bad thing wood be inMcGee’s case being able to burn things or light them on fire . I think the theme of thenovel is to try to scare you . I also think that Stephen King is telling an important messageby writing these kinds of books . The message is nothing is ever perfect . For exampleMcGee was a great student, daughter, pretty much good over all , but she had a littlesecret . The author is saying that the world is unfair to different people with specialabilities like McGee because she is different.

3.I think the Author created the meaning of the novel by giving a regular eight yearold girl a special power. Through this I think Mr. King is trying to say that people of allages do have certain powers and privileges and when those privileges are taken awaypeople get angry and tend to do bad and cruel things.

4.The evaluation that I gave the novel would be a six, because it kept me reading,but I could of just stopped any time. The novel was worth (nine dollars and seventy fivecents, just kidding) reading because it was interesting and scary at the same time. Judgingthis book up to my standards which are interest, and enjoyment . The book wasinteresting at some parts and enjoyable at some parts overall this was a little bit aboveaverage book compared up to my standards. The most important thing to me as anevaluator is to be able to read and comprehend the authors work. For instance when Mr.

King says this sentence it turned into a fine powder I knew then that McGee had burned5. I don’t think the message of this novel is worthwhile, because the message ismore than less not real with a girl being able to create fire in her hand.


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