Formal Business Report


Jamie Carlyle the president of human resources of go forward needs to maintain and improve the retailing capability of computer products to achieve its goals by developing strategies which will result in optimum contribution of human resources. His strategies include collecting, maintain and interpret relevant information regarding human resources. (Lawson,2002) argues that these strategies are very important for an organization.

Periodic report should be given and objective and requirements of retailing computers. Procedures and techniques to determine requirements of different types of employees stand point of organization goals should be developed. He should employ techniques for effective allocation of work to improve manpower utilization. Harris (1994) explains that research should be done to determine factors affecting the contribution of individual and groups to remove obstacles.

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Promotion, retention and procurement of employees should be done.  Analysis should be done on the dynamic processes of recruitment, promotion with a view of maximizing individual and group performance without involving high costs where costs are controlled. The vice president should report about manpower utilization in the present and in past and also provide help and advice the management on the assessment of manpower utilization and develop sources of information and techniques for purposes of comparison.

Yong kim needs to focus ahead and obtain the right type of manpower. He should know how many people are required for the business and what type of people which involves trained and experienced. He should ensure work force is there for a short time or a long time. He should take into account the training of employees especially while on job and consider different categories of various jobs in the business.(adopted from Mason,1999)

Relevant job specifications must be taken into account before going ahead to have various people at work. He should make sure that he has the right person doing the right job, hence have the right person recruited and same person retained.


A method of evaluating the appropriateness and value of these as job specifications. Yong kim needs to do selection whereby preliminary interview should be done in order to eliminate the qualified/unqualified candidate. It should be brief especially to know the general level of education, experience, training appearance or personality. It should also tell of the salary or the requirements of the prospective employees.

After young kim finds that the applicant has qualified in the first step he is given a form  called application blank which involves:

  • Identifying information- family background, date and place of place of birth, sex and height, citizenships and, marital status.
  • Information regarding education- his academic career, subject taken at various schools,
  • Certificates or degree, grades, division  or prizes awarded in colleges.

Information regarding experience for experience for example past jobs and the places the employee has worked before, the nature of work that he has been doing and job responsibilities, periods involved which includes the duration taken doing that work, designations, wages and allowances and reasons for leaving the present job. He should also indicate expected salaries and allowances and other fridge benefits.

Information regarding community activities for example curriculum activities, positions held in social organizations such as clubs and managerial associations.

Employment test should be done such as :

  •  Trend test- to assess the capability of the candidate for the work he claims to know.
  •  Psychological test- by administering tests such.

Amplitude test to examine the capability of  the individual to learn skills required in particular job . intelligence test to measure the individual capability to understand instructions or grasp information and also ability to listen and make reasonable judgement.interest test show the interest of an individual .knowledge test  tests the depth of the knowledge and personality test tests on the person’s emotional or temperamental qualities.(Pieper,1990)

He should conduct employment interview in a friendly manner and candidate should be made to feel at ease and warranted  questions should be avoided.

The candidate should be given a chance to ask questions especially regarding the history Of the organization, future prospects, salary offered and nature of work. Reference check should be done and further investigation may be made from his own referees who may include his past employment, education character and personal reputation.

Once the candidate successfully overcome all the obstacles, he should be declared selected and appointment letter given to him/her which must mention the terms of work,payslip and position to be held and then inducted to the job. After selection, recruitment should be done which must be centralized and human resource manager should be assigned. Recruitment policy followed by similar organizations should be considered and written in a language that can be understood by the person affected.

Merit should be the basis of recruitment and other considerations such as friendship should be ignored. Selection should be based on standards as set out by job analysis if suitable candidate is not available , the position can be left vacant till the right person comes in.

 Yong kim will need to collect background information about the retailing of computer products, selection of represented positions should be analyzed, job analysis data should be collected which includes the scope of the job to be done which requires that the management ascertains the competence of a work force in order to find out why a particular worker should be assigned a particular job. It equally involves knowing the relevant skill required on a particular job as differentiated from the others but essential for overall results.

Job to be done must be described and also job specifications should be done and fix price for the job. Job description enables the manager to frame suitable questions to be asked during the interview. Job analysis will help yong kim to identify the job and know its physical setting , supervision, union jurisdiction and hazards. It also helps to know what the worker do for example provide specific operation and assignments, relative timing and importance, routine responsibility, safety of the person and property.

It shows which equipment and materials a worker uses, how the job is performed  for example lifting, handling and cleaning. Required personal attributes for example experience, training , strength coordination and social skills should also be in job analysis.

The determination of job, tasks , skills and capabilities required for the successful performance of the given job can be obtained through personal observation which includes the material and equipments used, the working conditions and understanding what the work involves must form the central part of the tong king personal observation requires the manager  to physically examine the job.

Questionnaires also help to obtain the relevant information in order that any error may first be discussed with the employee and correction is done before the same can be submitted to the job analyst. Records pertaining to duties of a particular employee should be kept including the time of starting and ending the job.(argues Alkhafaji,2003)

Recommendation on how to proceed to meet this objective. The employee should be placed on the job according to the requirement of the job for example the job should not be adjusted according to the qualifications. if employee is not qualified the position must be let vacant until we get qualified employee.

The employee should be made conversant with the working conditions prevailing and all things relating to the job. employee should be made ware of penalties if he commits any crime. A sense of royalty should be developed in an employee so that he may view his responsibilities better towards the job and the organization.

Interview should be used by management to select qualified employees. it is said to be conversation between the interviewer and the interviewee in order to assess the potentialities of the interviewee for the job. It is a two way communication where in the interviewer is also free to ask any question about the job and the organization. There should be a spirit of give and take between the two and the same may be carried out by gestures, facial expression and any other communicational behavior( Holland, Rue,1986)

Interview may be carried out through the spoken word or through any other expression. Ghopal (2005) explains that the main purpose of interview is to find the suitability of the candidate by giving him an opportunity to express himself relative the questions put across and also gives an opportunity to the interviewer to make judgement  as a basis for sound selection ad placement. More information is obtained about the candidate who may not be mentioned in the application form or not provided by other testing methods.

Interview gives the candidate accurate picture of the job with full details of the terms and conditions of employment, and also to give him some essential facts about the objectives and the policies of the business. It also permits feeling of mutual understanding and confidence and to permit goodwill towards the business whether the interview fits this employment(Taylor,2000).

Interview helps to select suitable candidate because it’s the most satisfactory way of judging temperamental qualities of the candidate for example their way of thinking about work problems and qualities of leadership. Interview helps to verify the factors provided by the candidate which may not be understood by the management. Some information may only be provided during interview because information in application forms may not be in full either because the candidate has intentionally expressed them or he has done so without knowing its importance.

Knowledge about the organizations policies and objectives which is not only a device of collecting information from the candidate but also the duty of the interviewer to make known to the candidate. The candidate should also be given opportunity to put questions if he has any regarding the job (Ward, 1996).


Yong kim should integrate manpower with other business policies and therefore business objectives. This affects profitability production and hence development of human resources should be prepared in advance in order to define clearly the objectives of the business. Any change in business will affect the objectives of the business and since manpower planning is essential the same must be done. (Benfari, 2000)

Businesses do change with time especially in areas pertaining to promotion, training, recruitment, and transfer. Manpower planning will be effective only when the management from top level supports it. Manpower planning requires that proper research be done and particular facts be obtained. Policies affecting promotion, transfer, should be obtained before hand, otherwise manpower planning will be of little use.


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