Free Speech in Democratic Countries

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Free Speech has brought disagreement and agreement to many and and it has been a discussion topic for many years for democratic countries like our. The right that individual has as a citizen in the United States is to have right to free speech and it is one of the most precious rights that every citizen has.

This right gives an individuals the opportunity to speak what’s in his or her mind and give his or her opinions of what he or she think should happen. These rights have been questioned by many throughout history, they believed that this free speech has brought argument among others and most people are taking advantage of free speech by saying what should not be said or they do things that should be not done.

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These right have been questioned many differents time in different era by different way. One of the most popular way in modern times is protesting, people are always protesting if they do not like something that someone said or if they see or heard something that they do not like, involved violent and death. People wanted their voice to be heard by using violent by protesting and stop the others from saying what they believed is right.

People have never questioned whether or not these rights should exist, the questions involve whether there should be limits or not. According to BBC “ In February, violent protests at the University of California, Berkeley halted a speech by former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos and last month, a speech by conservative commentator Ann Coulter was canceled due to threats of violence and a fear for her safety. ”

When did it gets right to to use violence, when did it gets right to use aggressive action and using weapon to violated someone’s right? First of all, it have never been right to use violence to solve any problems the problem will only get worse. No one should use violence to voice their disagreement using violent. It is okay to use violent to stop people from saying what is right but it is not okay for the speaker offended you by the things what he or she believe?

There are way for students to voice to be heard, discussion is one a way, instead they chose violent to voice their opinions and their disagreement. Free speech is very important for a country like America or United Stated. It is one of the most precious right that every citizen have as individuals, no one should be stop from expression their own opinions and what they think it right. Secondly, most of people believe it is okay to violated others free speech but it is not okay when you violated their right. Whether we agree with or disagree with

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