Friendship – Communication That Is Open and Free From Pretense

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There are many considerations that can impact communication with others in close relationships. I believe it all starts with authentic communication which refers to communication that is open and free from pretense. We expect our closest friends to be authentic, or “real” with us. It is because we are connecting with their true selves and we ourselves are also able to be our truest selves with them inside the friendship. The primary and most important thing that authentic communicators do is always allow others to speak.

Denying our closest friends the right to communicate authentically can lead to termination of the relationship. Being open in your own personal way of communication is the key. I think another thing that is important is taking responsibility for what you say, and respecting the rights of others. This will help lead to longevity in the relationship. Authentic relationships require that you take responsibility for what oh say and mean because in close relationships you have entered a new level of closeness.

It can be a little scary to do this because you make yourself vulnerable to the other, but it’s very well worth the risk because of what you get in return. Like all relationships, times can get a little bumpy. So when in a confrontation try to do these five steps; try to De-escalate your anger. Re-establish listening and understanding what your close friend is saying. Show real empathy for what is being said. Take time out between discussions to get a break from all the ram.

Finally, always be willing to try again. Starting again from both parties indicates that the two people are committed faithfully and are unwilling to end the friendship. Regardless of what happens, true friends survive and always stick together. At least, they try to stay together, and as long as at least one of the parties still wants the friendship to continue, there is still hope. And it is my hope that everyone can take these steps into heart and see to it that all our close and special relationship last.

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