America: The Pretense of Democracy

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The Aristotelean position of democracy showed democracy as a supreme province of being, advancing equality more than anything. It allowed every individual to hold every bit much say in a authorities as any other individual, and yet still allowed individualism to reign. To follow this way of? true? democracy is to follow the way to a perfect state. Yet America, which prides itself on being a genuinely democratic state, is filled with corruptness and extortion, nil like the Utopia Aristotle portrayed.

America is in the custodies of a choice few. A bantam fraction of the population holds any existent political power, while the remainder merely sit lazily by. This goes against the really rule of democracy. Aristotle said of this

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Any one adult male [ of the many ] may be inferior [ to a adult male of excellence ] , but the city state is made up of many work forces. Merely as a repast done by many is better than a individual and simple one, for this ground a mass ( ochlos ) can judge many things better than any one adult male. In add-on, that which is many is less likely to be corrupted. So, although an single’s judgement can be corrupted when he is overcome by choler or some other emotion, it is hard for all to go angry and do erroneous judgements at the same time. If all the work forces are good work forces and good citizens, they are less bribable than one adult male.

However, rarely is this the instance with American political relations. There are far fewer politicians so there are low category workers or unemployed, and yet these politicians decide upon most all of the of import determinations the state is faced with. The lone clip the remainder of the people are involved is when these politicians spew out money and promises in an effort to derive the popularity of the public whom they are so far from.

Although the bulk of the United States is low to middle category, the lone people in high political places are those who spend 1000000s of dollars to acquire where they are. Equality is one of the largest foundations of democracy, and yet those who are non fantastically affluent or who have non spent all their life trying to set up themselves as a politician have no opportunity of going a successful 1. Harmonizing to Aristotle, ? Justice as understood in democracy is equality, but this considers merely portion of what is merely; the same is true of the impression of justness in oligarchy. ? The American system of democracy is anything but equal.

The original Bill of Rights was really clear about holding one individual represent many. The really first article stated

After the first numbering required by the first article of the Constitut

ion, there shall be one Representative for every 30 1000, until the figure shall amount to one hundred? ? there shall be non less than one 100 Representatives nor less than one Representative for every 40 1000 individuals, until the figure of Representatives shall amount to two hundred? ? there shall non be less than two 100 Representatives, nor more than one Representative for every 50 thousand individuals.

To hold one individual speak for Numberss transcending 30 1000 is surely non democratic in its original sense. It is non possible for one adult male to properly guarantee that the differing rights of 30 thousand people are upheld. This article was non ratified, but it was proposed to be Article I of the Bill of Rights. Although America claims to hold been founded on the rules of democracy, its very foundations proposed something so really undemocratic that this claim becomes absurd.

The definition of democracy is ruled by many . Many, nevertheless, do non govern America. There is another term for this. It is oligarchy, which means, ruled by few America is rather decidedly an oligarchy, and it shows many qualities as such. Aristotle referred to Sparta as an oligarchy because its political system was to hold two offices elected by the people, as opposed to holding everything run by the people. He says

The Spartan common musss were intended to be a democratic establishment, but they did non work out that manner. Everyone is required to lend [ to the shared repasts ] , but some of them are excessively hapless to make so. The really poorest can non easy portion in the common musss, yet this is the hereditary shaping principal of their system of authorities. Thus the really hapless do non hold a portion in it.

This is the perfect image of America. The hapless can non lend, and hence are left out, pushed aside by the rich, who can govern. This state is non the democracy Aristotle speaks, but instead an oligarchy really similar to Sparta.

Aristotle’s democracy was a democracy that endorsed equality to its fullest. Alternatively of coercing the ideas of everyone through one biased person, it allowed every individual to hold a voice. America is non a democracy. It tries really difficult to do the people of the universe think it is, but it is non. It goes against much of what Aristotle spoke of with ardor. Not everyone has an equal chance, nor does everyone hold a voice. In fact, equality continues to decrease despite stairss taken to force it farther. Most of America is a simple fa? ade that can be stripped off with minor attempt. It is a mere pretence of democracy that would decease out if it were to try to go anything more.

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