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Good Thing About Folk Music

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I think folk music is good because it represents one of the things that is characteristic for the Balkan, and I mean all the Balkan countries, and especially for Serbia
-Many say we are still nothing but peasants, but I think that is not true. Because, just as they did, I can call all the people who listen to metal and dress in black and have long hair to the ground, and wear heavy boots in the middle of summer that they are complete freaks, and those are just prejudices.

– Some instruments, for example, can only be heard in folk music. This means that they are played only on the Balkan. One of those instruments is the accordion.
– Koloes and trumpets are not exactly considered as folk music, but nowadays it is tightly in bond. There are many folk songs where you can hear the trumpets or a part of the music for some Kolo, and a lot of people like that.

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Good Thing About Folk Music
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-I think there is no real party without this kind of music, and that you can’t have a REALLY GOOD time if there is no folk music. I think everyone will agree to that. And it is not only because they are too drunk to notice any music at all! There is no wedding on Balkan where you won’t hear folk music, or hear the trumpets playing or play a Kolo. How can there be a wedding, if there’s music like classical music, or Britney Spears, or some metal music … ? I think people in other states that don’t have folk music don’t have a great time like we do. It is just not it. When you listen to folk music, you can completely give yourself to it, and forget the entire world around you, and have fun!
– There are some folk songs that are practically LEGENDARY. There is no man or woman that doesn’t now them. Those songs have become a part of our culture. Nothing can be done without them, like, for example, New Year celebration, or any other …
– Some say that the lyrics of the folk songs are very dull or stupid, or even shallow, and that all those singers sing the same. Of course, there are lyrics and singers like that,.

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