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Guy De Maupassant

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’ s The Necklace Essay, Research Paper

I believe that Mathilde is mercenary and selfish. She took off happiness both from herself and her hubby because “ she burned with the desire to delight, to be envied, to be attractive and sought after. ” This desire led to her ruin and her hubby ; s wretchedness. I am in no manner able to demo compassion for this lady.

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Guy De Maupassant
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The narrative starts out taking us to believe that Mathilde is a simple individual without a batch of luxuries in her life.

At this point I felt some commiseration for Mathilde. I thought that she was vasically a hapless lady in an unhappy province of head. But at the same clip it was difficult to experience sorry for her because she couldn ’ t accept felicity in her life due to the fact that she was ever concentrating on what she didn ’ Ts have. She was unable to acknowledge the good things her life had to offer until she no longer had them.

Had she merely been content with what she did hold, this full struggle could hold been avoided. The grass International Relations and Security Network ’ t alwaus greener on the other side.

When her hubby came place with the dinner invitation is when I changed my perceptual experience of Mathilde. I wasn ’ t excessively pleased with her in the beginning of the narrative but now was when I started to detest her. She had it reasonably good. She had a hubby that loved her and was willing to make anything to delight her. Even if it meant giving up something he had been salvaging up for, a scattergun, merely so she could experience like Cinderella for one dark and acquire a frock that suited her needs. She was unable to halt at a frock though: she needed to hold jewellery. It could’t be merely any jewellery either, it had to be a diamond necklace.

Mathilde was a success at the party, she was noticed and sought by all. She found felicity in amour propre until she arrived at place and discovered the necklace was gone. Unable to happen it when they retraced their stairss, they were forced to replace the gems alternatively of stating their friend the truth. For the following 10 old ages Mathilde discovered the “ atrocious life of the needy. ” She was forced to acquire rid of her amah, lease an atiic flat, frock in inexpensive frocks, and fend for herself. Merely so did she recognize how good her life truly had been.

So ten old ages subsequently she sees her friend, whom she borrowed the necklace from and decides to state her the truth. It was so that I had to laugh. The necklace was a sham! It serves her right. Had she merely sat back and realized that life is what you make of it, non what it makes of you, all this could hold been avoided. Mathilde was so caught up in position and amour propre that she created her ain ruin. The lone individual I am left to experience sorry for in this narrative is her hubby for non standing up for himself and stating her no.

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