Hamlet Character Traits Sample Essay

?Hamlet is a calamity that consists of loss. love. and retaliation. Hamlet and Laertes both want to seek retaliation in this drama. but they have different ways of traveling about it. Hamlet is a postponer and even has a whole scene where he contemplates taking retaliation on Claudius or non. he even thinks of taking his ain life to avoid all these jobs traveling on in his life. Halfway through the monologue. Hamlet starts thinks about what happens after decease and explains that “thus scruples does do cowards of us all.

” ( 3. 1 91 ) By believing excessively much about taking retaliation. Hamlet has become a cowards. On the other manus. Laertes is the complete antonym of Hamlet. When asked what he would make if person killed his male parent. Laertes explains “To cut his pharynx I’ th’ church. ” ( 4. 7 144 )

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Hamlet Character Traits Sample
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Laertes doesn’t even inquiry taking retaliation like Hamlet does because he merely jumps into things. he says that he would even make it in a spiritual topographic point like a church that’s how severely he wants Hamlet dead.

?In relation to the book. I excessively have a semi bad character trait. I have the inclination to pass my money excessively fast. I started my first occupation a few months ago and of all time since so I felt more independent with my money which has created a monster. As a high school pupil I should be working to salvage money for when I go away to college. alternatively I will travel acquire my nails done. acquire nutrient. or travel shopping. and stop up passing all my money. A better balance in my life would be to get down salvaging my money.

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