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The author recalls their high school memories and reminisces about a fellow student named Sylvia. Sylvia was known for her unique fashion sense and love for unusual outfits. Despite her strange appearance, she was a friendly and caring person who was always willing to help others. She was also intelligent and had a great sense of humor, often sharing funny stories from her travels to Italy and Florence. The author has lost touch with Sylvia since graduation but still remembers her as the most interesting and memorable person from their school days.

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Since I can retrieve I ever adored remembering my past schooltimes by looking through some old exposure of those old ages. A batch of them remind me of Sylvia who used to be the most bizarre and original individual in my school. Once when I decided to do a thorough reorganisation in my tremendous aggregation of exposure all my high-school memories about her were brought back.

The chief ground why I found her interesting was the manner she dressed. Sylvia who loved uncommon outfits. planned to analyze Fashion and Clothing at Newham College. I must state that she looked reasonably amusing in her short motley frocks that normally were to tight for her.

Her outfits were enriched by accoutrements such as notional chapeaus patterned leotardss eye-catching pocketbook and plastic jewelry. She was a short and scraggy miss. with dark skin color and green eyes. She was have oning good story “Groucho” Marx glasses with thick colourful frames which made her face expression bright and clever.

Her caput was nodding back and Forth as she walked. doing her expression like a pigeon that strutted around the square. Her midst. frizzy.

brown hair that was standing right up on her caput swayed back and Forth as she nodded. doing me believe of dry straws on a field on a blowy twenty-four hours. In malice of her unusual visual aspect. Sylvia turned out to be friendly.

caring individual that non merely ne’er did any injury but besides was ever ready to assist others.Furthermore. she was a really intelligent and witty individual who was besides a superb narrator. She told fantastic humourous narratives filled with broad cognition of the universe and personal experience which she gained during legion trips to Italy and Florence.

Although I lost touch with her after graduation. I will ever retrieve her as the most extraordinary and interesting individual in my school. In my sentiment combination of her positive energy and a vibrant personality along with unusual visual aspect made her the most challenging and memorable individual and schoolmate.

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