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How Men Were Placed on the Social Ladder for the Actions They Had Taken in Lives

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This passage struck me by the way it shows how men were placed on the social ladder for the actions they had taken in their lives. Steinbeck made this passage vague so that the reader was able to relate it to their own lives. This passage also stood out from the others because of the meaning it has. . “And when she delicately ensued that near approach of insane, punishing rage, she sat in his lap and soothed him and made him believe for a moment in her innocence.

She could convince him(93). ” This passage stood out from the others with the irony laced within it. The irony shows when Catherine would begin to grow angry with Mr.. Edwards. When this occurred, she would act sweet like nothing was wrong to prevent him from sensing it. The irony in this passage stood out because it shows how an evil person can appear innocent. . “L remember the five-fingered ferns growing under little waterfalls… And I remember the smell of the hills… I remember the sweeping lovely dance of high buzzards… I remember holding the bite of a line….

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How Men Were Placed on the Social Ladder for the Actions They Had Taken in Lives
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(279-280) The style in this passage made me read it many times over. The anaphora at the beginning of each sentence stood out and captured the details written within.

This passage had many descriptive details of how Steinbeck is remembering his childhood and the relationship with his uncle Tom. 4. “Lee smiled. “My father said that she was a strong woman, and I believe a strong woman may be stronger than a man, particularly if she happens to have love in her heart. I guess a loving woman is almost indestructible (354). ‘ This one one of my favorite passages in the entire book. It had a much deeper meaning than Just these words. It made me really think about how a person can over come experiences both good and evil, and still remain strong throughout them. It showed how Lee’s mother died in such a horrible way, but her strength remained with him today. 5. ‘If you tell me what you want I’ll call the proper girl” The low voice had a precise and husky power. And she picked her words as one picks flowers in a mixed garden and took her time choosing (313). ” This passage is a great paradox in the ay that it contradicts one’s mind. It shows how a person can manipulate someone else by altering their voice. The trickery in these few sentences made it stand out. 6. ‘”Some men can’t see the color green, but they may never know they can’t I think you are only a part of a human. I can’t do anything about that.

But I wonder whether you ever feel that something invisible is all around you. It would be horrible if you knew it was there and couldn’t see it or feel it (382). ” This passage is from when Adam goes to visit Kate, and he discovers her true personality that he had hid from for so long. It wows the evil in Kate and how her mind works. It shows how Adam has overcome his anger and sadness of Kate leaving and replaced it with a tranquility. Part II Personal Setting Writing The setting in East of Eden plays an important role in the story.

The story takes place in Salinas Valley. The setting snows now much the climate d utters and all to a persons’ success can rely on the weather that year. It also shows a difference between the families of those farms. The Hamilton, for example, have a terrible farm with no water but they continue on and make the best of it. The Tracks, on the other and, have a potentially prosperous farm but they do nothing to it and are not as close off family. One of my favorite places consists of a small little town.

The town is not far from my home, yet far enough away that we don’t go often. Trees elude your car as you travel down winding roads. A town where neighbors know their neighbors. Some Just arrive in the early summer and leave at the turning of the leaves. Homes big, small, new, and worn down. The one thing all the homes have in common is the place they are situated; right off the lake. On a warm summers day a family enjoys the warmth from the sun while sitting on he rocking dock. A nice light breeze comes off the lake, and the warm lake water ripples at the slightest movement.

A boat zips by creating harsh waves that soak everyone on the dock. “Sorry! ” they yell, but venture on. Tanning on the deck all day enjoying the warm sun, that will soon enough leave you with a warm summers glow. The sun soon begins to set the sky darkens, but remains clear. Comfy chairs are settled around the fire pit, waiting to be snuggled in. We all head over hoping to prolong our warmth before the summer is finally over. We continue to sit around the ire long into the night sharing stories, eating smokes’, and enjoying our final days of summer.

The memories flash through our heads as we see the leaves begin to turn color and make their way to the ground. The car is packed and ready to go the very next morning and we begin the short journey home. As we start along the winding road back to the city, I immediately begin to wonder when we will return. The tranquility experienced in the quiet city is soon replaced with the rush of traffic and the voices of people. The place not far, but far enough away to experience a different lifestyle will be gone until next summer.

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