My Family Motivates me in My Dreams of Becoming a Doctor

Following JB. Watson and his theory that “human behavior is rooted in nurture, not nature” The image shows, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast, this was one of my favorite shows growing up because it captivated the essence of family and made me laugh a lot. Family/parents play a big role in teaching us our social roles and rules. “Our nurture is our nature.” How we are cared for and raised by our nurturers play a major role on who we become someday. In a society that sees structure, we need a family to raise us to become functional members of society. My family motivates me in my dreams of becoming a doctor. Becoming a doctor would keep balance because they help save, elongate, and bring life on earth. If everyone was dying or getting sick, our race would not be able to sustain itself. We have seen it before during the bubonic plague era when almost half the population in Europe died.

The image is of an iPhone that has popular social media apps. This correlates with structural functional society because it makes for good entertainment. Without society, our lives would be dull. Social media allows us to be social, share pictures, our lives, experiences, hobbies, ideas, and talents, spread the word/news, start/improve businesses, gain publicity and keep in contact with family and friends whom we would normally lose touch with or have to write letters like the old days. Social media has allowed opportunities for new celebrities to arise and make something of themselves. Social media has taken power out of the hands of a few when it comes to information distribution. On Instagram famous rapper, Cardi B has used her platform to talk about Trump’s government shutdown and how it was affecting a lot of hardworking government workers. T.I also brought light to famous designers like Gucci that are incorporating blackface cartoons into their clothing lines.

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The cartoons are offensive because African Americans are who account for most of the Gucci products being sold. The dehumanizing and belligerent mocking of African American slaves dates back to nineteenth-century minstrel shows. The cartoons are-reinforce the idea that black people are inferior in every way. Stars like Cardi B and T.I bring light to news that would otherwise be pushed aside because they do not affect us personally. This image represents a structural functional society because you can’t have laws without order. Law and Order SVU was another one of my favorite shows I binge-watched a lot that made me want to pursue a field that helped people. Just as in the human body, there are some organs that tend to cause more problems but are nonetheless needed. It can often be removed for the better, but problems can never be eliminated. Humans cannot live in harmony it will never exist.

Throughout history, it has been evident. Crime was invented by society and the criminal justice system although it has its cracks is meant to, “keep citizens safe from harm’s way” In essence, without crime, there would be no need for police officers, prisons, and courts for the most part. Its more than just the safety of citizens, prison is a business that the government funds. Taxpayers as myself fund these prisons, paying a price for freedom. I feel no pride in saying crime keeps our society structured. Crime needs to occur for a community to define its own moral boundaries. How do we know that murder or theft is wrong and considered criminal unless we have those who violate the moral code? In society, we define what we think is moral by contrast with others and their actions. It gives us a certain sense of moral superiority and distinction. People that are criminals, murderers, and thieves, are immoral and deserve to be punished. While law-abiding citizens are portrayed as moral.

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