How to Get the Most Out of College?

Many students are realizing that developing conversations with their professors and faculty can lead to a stronger relationships to future jobs in, “How to Get the Most Out of College,” by Frank Bruni. He states that professors can be the ticket to getting the best college experience and resources that are necessary. He clearly gives examples of many students’ successful stories and the right things they did.

In “How to Get the Most Out of College” college professor Frank Bruni states that in order to get the most out of a college, students should be making a deeper connection with professors and argues that this could be very beneficial in the future with better jobs and making connections with people. Emphasizing that many students “aren’t good at identifying professors worth knowing” which can lead to students feeling that there is no one to help them. Bruni claims figuring out the right professors could help with on track mentoring with the students major or job they are very interested in.

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Also, could lead to the right conversations needing to be said. Students actions to not find help can be guilt-ridden. Bruni claims students “regret skipping office hours”  and not taking the opportunity to receive the right counseling they needed. Students can become very overwhelmed with other class work and can forget that there are people that can help with it all. Although it may seem that we are adults, we should still “share our story” with others. It could be the one thing that someone else connects with or sees your potential. It could influence new connections with other people who share it.

As a first generation college student, college is something I didn’t really know that much about. I can truly say that the first week was a very big transition for me compared to high school. This was a big step for my family and I. I wasn’t very aware of what to expect from my classes or professors. Therefore, Bruni inspires to me to be very outgoing throughout college. I never realized how important it was to get out of my comfort zone.

Many students struggle with “isolation and not trying to talk to the faulty” which is where I can really relate. I am very shy and tend to not try to talk to other people I know. I know there is nothing wrong with asking for help but Mexican culture has a tendency for you to want to close yourself off when you need help with personal problems.

Throughout my childhood and growing up I’ve always had the mentality of getting through things on my own. I’ve figured things out and never really like the idea that I would be bothering someone else for my own problems. This is a habit I need to let go of because asking for help is something I should no longer be afraid. This inspires me to realize that mistakes will happen that are out of my control, but could allow me to grow as a young adult and as a student l. I will no longer close myself off when things become hard . I will now open my mind to help from other peers and faculty.

College can be a stressful place with trying to figure out where to go to get the best help from. I agree with Bruin that talking to the staff could be the best option for students. The staff are adults who have experienced so many different things throughout other jobs and life lessons that many students could potentially relate to. When Bruin explains other students experience about opening to someone it proved that with him opening up, he got something he really wasn’t expecting in return. Resulting in a big surprise for his future . He got the opportunity to get a job that could have really helped him as a kid.

As students we need to realize that the faculty has the power to show us connections to many others that they have met throughout teaching. We can never be too busy to talk to someone for a small amount of time from our day. The benefits that they can give any student are very priceless compared to doing nothing.

Throughout the article Bruni gives strong evidence of his personal experience of being in the process of discussing how students see what is the most important to them. In particular, he emphasizes being in the Mitchell scholarship. Showing how out of many possible things to rank most important students would top choice was “relationships with faculty members.”

This goes to show how students are realizing that it is important to know this from the beginning. The connection can also help students on a mental level as well. Students tend to spend more time by themselves from everything which can be the beginning of something horrible. Bruni facts of the benefits can help many students how to not become a victim of mental illness. Many students should begin to take this into consideration to help in the future.

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