How My Passion for Creating Art and Doing Church Work Keeps Me Motivated

Growing up in a diverse family was far from easy while being a female, Latina, the daughter of an immigrant, nuisance of a prisoner, the stepdaughter of a good white man, and sister of innocence. Responsibility overboard my life, consistently rang a bell in my ear and shouted, “You must be this! You must act like this! You must do this!” It was difficult to handle his authoritative tone but my life was set. This is what I had to endure to succeed and to be content. In 1 Peter 5:7 it states, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you”. Sewing my church and working on my art keeps me going in life the joy of caring for toddlers is a refreshing feeling in a life full of work, I could never create a routine of attending church every week, but the moment I started to serve my church, care and teach the children of many my heart grew. There is something about the love and happiness children have is infectious.

It something my life has missed and I could only obtain there. Meanwhile, the satisfaction of leading young children towards the right path of life is fulfilled as well as the pride I have in myself for diligently working to better my ideals on responsibility. Art was something I had to really suffer for to be able to discover it hidden in me. Around my sophomore l was struggling in school, in life, and in spirit. Around the beginning of the second semester I tore my ACL but waited for the summer before junior year to have an ACL reconstruction surgery. Bed rest was my enemy, but also my friend the amount of muscle loss was awful but the talent I revealed was beautiful. I started with a simple 8“ by 10“ canvas.

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White background, but a colorful quote two months later I transitioned to a color background but a detailed body. One year later I am working on inspired pieces with my own twist, different mediums, and palettes I had to practice and paint over many errors and occasmnally fix broken canvases. A broke artist is an innovative artist because the minute you require a special tool for atexture piece, you think outside of the box. Art has instructed me to push myself to the limit and past it has taught me to accept my responsrbilities and to work with them and not against them. My life is filled with meeting deadline for grades and tests and applications and fees but painting is the one deadline I’ve come to love, to accept and to enforce. Despite the hardships l have faced and will face, my passions will be there for me in my past, present, and future, through sorrow and glee, through life and death.

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