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I Am Special – Short Personal Story

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I am not a special girl, but I am special and unique In this world, nobody can replace me. I believe that being who you are makes people respect you more, there’s only one of me in this world. My name is Ulna, one year exchange student come from China. Specifically. I have a mixed family, a Korean mother and a Chinese father. That helps me I can learn well both Korean and Chinese culture and language.

And in Chinese area, many people distinguish me as a Korean -Nevertheless, I am easy going, don’t ump to Judgment fast and enjoy learning about different people from different aspects and walks of life.

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I Am Special – Short Personal Story
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I accept people as they are, respect their minds and emotions. Moreover, I enjoy helping people and the appreciation keeps me going. I had an interesting experience as a volunteer teacher to teach Korean language in our university language center. My students like my sense of humor, lets me see the positive side of anything, however, I demand firm in high quality work output.

Also, in my spare time, I like cooking and read novels; I could imagine whatever I like such as well-known scientist or a gung-if master. I always do my best to keep a good attitude and enjoy gaining new knowledge by reading or day-etc-day work experiences. Actually, I cannot speak English as well as native speakers, but I do my best to make myself stand out from others in a positive way. I always ask help from teachers that I do not understand, and do some review after classes to try hard to keep up my courses. In addition to acquiring new knowledge and new skills, I also enjoy sharing acquired knowledge with my new peers.

I like to offer advice when it’s deed by my new peers. Despite that I have a shortcoming difficulty getting up, once I slept I hate someone or something disturb me and I do not know what happened when I slept even though there has an earthquake. Worse still, I love shopping, my mom says, I should become a legislator because I bring so many bills into the house. Over all, I am special all because I have my own personality and life style, although I do not well at one aspect such as dancing or singing. I am convinced that what makes me special is that I am myself. Ton

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