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The Sumatra tiger is an Incredible animal and should be acknowledged for many Important reasons. I will begin by discussing the background of the animal, distinguishing their features in comparison to other tiger species and their ability to be a key display of biodiversity in their habitat. How and why these animals have become endangered is important to acknowledge as well as the laws that have been put In place to protect the Sumatra Tigers.

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TRANSITION: Even through dwindling numbers and near-extinction, tigers still continue to be the biggest cat in all of the animal kingdom.

A. The Sumatra Tiger is the top predator of its own multifarious ecosystem.

1. Sumatra Tigers are the smallest tiger subspecies a. These tigers are much smaller than other tigers, can also be up to 8 feet long and as a result they have been called ‘slender but powerful predators’.

B. Experts believe that they are smaller in size due to the limited natural habitat for them to live and thrive in.

C. They are also smaller In size due to the prey that they consume, which is smaller than what other species of tigers have access to.

2. The Sumatra Tiger has a very particular but unnoticeable appearance In contrast o other tiger subspecies. . According to researchers, the Sumatra tiger has the darkest coat and the most stripes of all the tiger subspecies. Its broad, black stripes are closely spaced and often doubled. B. Unlike the Siberian tiger, which has the fewest stripes of all tigers, it has striped forelegs.

C. No one knows exactly why tigers are striped, but scientists think that the stripes act as camouflage. Tiger stripes are like human fingerprints; no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes.

3. The Sumatra Tiger is widely known for exhibiting biodiversity Biodiversity- simply means the diversity, or variety, of .

Definition of plants and animals and other living things In a particular area or region.

B. Indonesian rainforest’s are home to some of the highest levels of biological diversity in the world.

C. Sumatra tigers are found only on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra along with many other species. This includes Orangutans, Java rhinoceros, and the Sumatra Elephant Just to name a few.

D. However, out of all of these other species that live In the same rainforest’s habitat, Sumatra users are the top predators. Are all important, the tragedy of their dwindling numbers and appearance on the endangered species list is captivating. . The Sumatra tiger was once thriving on the island of Sumatra. A. Sumatra prior to 1900 was largely covered in primary forest and the tiger was more or less found throughout the entire island.

B. Sumatra tigers are distinctive for being the only subspecies to live in isolation on a large island they have been isolated from their cousins on mainland Asia for over 10,000 years; this happened after a rise in sea level.

C. At the turn of the century, there were three subspecies of tiger in Indonesia – the Bali tiger, the Java tiger and the Sumatra tiger. The fact that the tiger still survives in all the eight provinces in Sumatra is down to its adaptability and resourcefulness, but most importantly how much prey and fresh water is available.

2. The numbers of tigers dwindled very suddenly and rapidly, seemingly without reason. A. Today Just 100 years later the Sumatra Island’s distribution has become fragmented and substantially reduced. B. Yes, the Sumatra tiger could be found in all the islands eight provinces in highly populated areas, such as the provinces of North Sumatra and Lamming, however the animal has been squeezed out c.

About 350 wild Sumatra tigers are believed to exist, primarily in the island’s five national parks.

3. The main reasons for such small numbers of Sumatra Tigers are deforestation and habitat reduction and poaching.

A. Clearing for agriculture, plantations, and settlement has drastically reduced the habitat for the Sumatra tiger.

B. According to WFM, approximately 25,868 square miles of forest-?larger than the state of West Virginia-? was lost in Sumatra between 1985 and 1997 (WFM).

C. On many parts of the island, illegal timber harvesting and forest conversion are out of control.

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