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Introduction to Art

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Question #2

            Art is an expression of emotions by use and arrangement of different elements like color, sound, form and etc. As it is, it tells a lot about the personality of the one who created it and the time he belongs to. The kinds of people who existed in different periods of history are reflected by the different forms of art created during that time. It tells a lot of interesting stories. By essence, art can be considered as a story-teller; thus, one should be able to view art, not merely seeing it.

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Introduction to Art
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Seeing art is simply laying one’s eyes to the work. It may be appreciated, but in a very shallow way. The value of the art is not fully understood because what’s prized is the façade. The initial reaction and perceptions towards a work of art may be totally different to what it really is. Thus, one should view art instead of just seeing it. In viewing art, all the elements that contribute to its development are taken into careful and meticulous consideration.

The technical together with the aesthetic facet are all painstakingly given attention and value. Take for example “God Bless America” by Faith Ringgold, by merely seeing it, one will see that it’s an art work with a face of an old man on the flag of the United States of America. But when view it, you will ask several questions like who is that old man? Why is his image place in front of the flag? What does it signify? What is its maker thinking? From one image, you can extract hundreds of questions that will lead you to better understanding of what it is. And as a consequence, you will appreciate it even more.

The main difference between seeing and viewing art is knowing the story. In seeing, you only go through the pages of the story; while on the other hand, in viewing art, you carefully read each lines and places yourself as if part of the story. In everyday life, seeing and viewing art may be described and differentiated by the analogy of acquaintances versus friends. Acquaintances are people that we recognize because we met them somewhere, sometime. While friends are people who we deeply know and can connect with. Consequently, everybody should view art instead of just see it. With viewing, a lot can be learned and interesting stories can be heard.

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