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Julius Ceaser Brutus Character Analysis

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Julius Ceaser Essay: Brutus Character Analysis Essay, Research Paper

Marcus Brutus

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Julius Ceaser Brutus Character Analysis
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William Shakespeare? s drama, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, is chiefly

based on the blackwash of Julius Caesar. The character who was in

charge of the blackwash was, ironically, Marcus Brutus, a retainer

and shut friend to Julius Caesar. But what would do a individual to kill

a close friend? After analyzing Brutus? relationship to Caesar, his

engagement in the confederacy, and his importance to the secret plan, the truth

can be revealed.

Marcus Brutus, a retainer and close friend to Caesar, has a strong

relationship with Caesar but a stronger relationship with Rome and its

people. Brutus is really close to Caesar. In Roman times, the lone manner for

person to acquire near to a individual of high rank is if he/she is near to

him/her. In many points of the drama, Brutus was speaking and following to

Caesar. Brutus besides loves Caesar but fears his power.

In the early Acts of the Apostless

of the drama, Brutus says to Cassius, “ What means this shouting? I do

fear the people do take Caesar for their male monarch? yet I love him

good. “ ( act 1, scene 2, ll.85-89 ) , as he is talking to Cassius. Brutus

loves Caesar, but would non let him to “ climber-upward? He so unto

the ladder turns his dorsum? “ ( act 2, scene 1, ll.24,26 ) . As the quotation mark

says, Brutus would non let Caesar to lift to power and so turn his

back onto the people of Rome. After the blackwash of Julius Caesar,

Brutus negotiations to Antony about Caesar? s decease. “ Our Black Marias you see non ;

they are pathetic ; and commiseration to the general wrong of Rome? “ ( act 3, scene

1, ll.185-186 ) . Brutus says that Antony can non see their ( members of the

confederacy ) Black Marias, which are full of commiseration. Again, this shows how Brutus

loved Caesar but cared for the life of Rome and its people more. This is

the lone ground Brutus would cabal against Caesar. For Brutus says to

himself, “ I know no personal cause to reject at him? How that might alter

his nature? “ ( act 2, scene1, ll. 1,13 ) Caesar? s relationship with Brutus

is besides strong. Just leting Brutus to talk to Caesar shows his

regard for Brutus. Caesar feels that Brutus is baronial to him and does

the right thing regardless of personal danger. On the Ides of March, as

Caesar was assassinated, Caesar? s last line is: “ Et tu, Brute? & # 8211 ; Then

autumn, Caesar. “ ( act 3, scene 1, l.85 ) . This shows that Caesar would non

dice without Brutus? pang. Caesar realizes that there must be a baronial

& lt ;< p>ground for this blackwash if Brutus was in it. This once more shows how

much Caesar respects Brutus. Brutus and Caesar both respect each other,

but in different ways.

Marcus Brutus had a really of import function in the confederacy against

Caesar. He was the “ back-bone ” of the program. Harmonizing to Cassius,

Brutus? chief intent in the confederacy is for an insurance policy. The

people will believe, since Brutus is baronial to Caesar, that there is a good

ground for Caesar? s blackwash. Brutus will besides be the leader of the

confederacy for another “ insurance policy ” for the blackwash. Cassius

is the 1 who declares this, “ Brutus shall take the manner, and we will

grace his heels with the most boldest and best Black Marias of Rome. “ ( act 3,

scene 1, ll.135-136 ) . Again, if Brutus leads the manner, the people will

think that the decease of Julius Caesar wasn? T such a bad thing. Brutus

besides declares to himself that his function in the confederacy is to salvage

Rome. He says to the people that, “ If so that friend demand why

Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my reply: non that I loved Caesar

less, but that I loved Rome more. “ ( Act 3, scene 2, ll.21-24 ) .

If Brutus was non in the secret plan of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the

confederacy would likely non hold worked. Since Brutus “ ? loved Rome

more. “ ( Act 3, scene2, ll.23-24 ) , he decided to be a portion of the

confederacy. If he hadn? T loved Rome more than Caesar, he would non hold

joined in the blackwash of Julius Caesar. Cassius and the remainder of

the plotters would likely non hold continued on without Brutus

because they would hold no “ insurance ” afterwards. The people would

think that there was no ground for Caesar? s decease and most likely

beheaded all the plotters. Besides, if Brutus was non in the drama, the

whole terminal of the drama would non of all time occur. Brutus would non be at that place to

hold an ground forces or kill himself, and Cassius will already be beheaded. If

Brutus was non in the drama, the rubric would hold perfectly no significance.

Marcus Brutus was a good friend to Julius Caesar, but non good plenty.

He had moral values covering with Rome and its people. Brutus? values

so made him fall in a confederacy against Caesar put together by Cassius.

Brutus joined this chiefly because he didn? T want Caesar to turn his dorsum

on Rome so there would be a sensible ground for killing Caesar. If

Brutus wasn? T in the drama, there would be no “ Calamity ” in The Calamity of

Julius Caesar.

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