Friends as dangerous as enemies?

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end. While friends may seem trustworthy, they have the potential to be just as dangerous as enemies. Fake friends can hurt us deeply, causing wounds that last for life. Betrayal by a friend can be especially painful, leaving us feeling angry, sad, and betrayed. However, not all friends are like this, and we can prevent our friends from becoming our enemies by treating them with honesty and loyalty. Ultimately, the way we treat our friends will determine the way in which they treat us, and we have the power to create our own enemies or prevent them from emerging.

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‘Friends are as dangerous as enemies’ Friends. These are the people I would do anything for. The people I share all my secrets to. The people who know me better than anybody else. The people I trust so dearly that I share all my personal information with, something that any one of my enemies would kill to have. So what is stopping my friends from using all this information they have against me? Is it possible that friends are Just as dangerous as enemies? Someone who I would call my friend would be greatly different from someone that I loud call an enemy.

An enemy to me is someone who I feel hatred towards, someone that I don’t care about. To me a friend is completely opposite to an enemy. But are they as dangerous as enemies? Yes. Though they might be friends now, they can turn into enemies at any moment. Sometimes a friend can be false. Fake friends are worse than open enemies. You’re always alert of the moves made by your enemies, ready to defend yourself from any attack, emotionally or physically, from them. With friends, it’s the matter of trust.

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There is no curtain on emotions and weakness in front of friends, we are totally open to them and if these friends turn out to be fake- to be foe than they can hurt us most deeply, the wounds that last for life. Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you but the fake friend that hugs you! Everyone must have experienced a betrayal from one of their friends at least once in their life. I remember when I found out that my closest friend told the girl I liked that I thought she was ‘ugly and a ‘slur. He ruined any chance I had with her; it was like e really did stab me in the back.

It’s that painful strike, twisting around inside you, right through your spine causing a ferocious flurry of feelings to come bursting out; anger, sadness, betrayal. Even though you’re flustered with so many emotions the one that really sticks is betrayal. Being attacked by an enemy is expected but from a friend, that’s Just incomprehensible. So in truth friends can end up being your greatest enemies but not all friends are like that though. Being attacked by a friend is surprising but you need to ask yourself, Why would they want to attack me? Friends won’t turn on you if you don’t turn on them. Honesty and trust is a two way street. So in order to ensure that your friends are loyal to you, you need to show them your loyalty. The only reason why a friend could possibly become an enemy is due to your own actions. The way you treat your own friends will determine the way in which they will treat you. Your actions will reflect onto you one more. So if you think about it, you create your own enemies. You can choose to make some be or become your enemy, in the

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