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Samsung, established in 1938, has been a leading force in the mobile industry of Asia and is internationally acclaimed for its excellent electronic products and services. It is particularly famous as a prominent brand in mobile phones, with 99% recognition worldwide.

Although Samsung is primarily recognized for its mobile phones, the company’s product line extends beyond this market. Samsung also provides an extensive selection of electronic devices including televisions, kitchen tools, sound systems, and other consumer electronics. Furthermore, Samsung has diversified into multiple industries such as apparel, chemicals, medical equipment, ships, and more. Additionally, the company offers services in advertising, construction,
financial services,
hospitality information,
communications technology,
medical services,
and retail. This has been the overarching path of Samsung throughout its history.

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Samsung has gained the advantage to become the leading brand globally because it offers comprehensive coverage and assistance in both the business world and our daily routines. The presence of Samsung gadgets has made our lives easier, although not without challenges. Ultimately, electronics and gadgets simplify our lives, reducing stress. Hence, it can be asserted that Samsung primarily operates in the electronics market.

Samsung is a globally popular brand that originated in Asia. It is renowned for its electronic products, which are designed to meet the needs of customers at different income levels. People worldwide widely use Samsung mobile phones and gadgets. This assignment will specifically focus on Samsung’s mobile phone products.

Consumer perception is subjective and varies from person to person. Each individual has their own way of perceiving and interpreting situations or physical objects. The process of perception involves selecting, organizing, and responding to stimuli, similar to Newton’s third law of physics where every action leads to different outcomes. The sensory receptors responsible for vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste all contribute to the perception process.

Every person has their own unique perspective and response to stimuli, leading to different reactions. Even if multiple individuals encounter similar situations involving the five senses, there is no definite answer on how each person will react. For example, regarding vision, one individual may perceive a stray dog as repulsive and unclean, while another individual may perceive value and beauty in that same dog.

Samsung develops mobile phones that are visually appealing and attract attention, taking into account the market and consumers’ preferences for aesthetics and sophistication. These phones surpass human eyesight in terms of camera technology, providing improved picture-taking capabilities. With their advanced features, Samsung’s mobile phones are ideal for individuals who appreciate capturing high-quality pictures.

For Samsung, visual aesthetics and audio quality are crucial. 2 Moreover, Samsung ensures that its mobile phones offer excellent sound systems so as to compete with other renowned brands. In today’s society, many individuals prioritize music and sound experiences. Even those who are unable to communicate verbally rely on music and sound as a means of enriching their lives. By providing high-quality sound, Samsung aims to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of life. Samsung’s commitment to meeting these needs has contributed to their reputation for producing exceptional devices in the industry.

For marketers, the sound of the advertisement will serve as stimuli for consumers to buy products and that rumours will also be a great assistant for Samsung. For example, a friend of mine was asking around for what phone to buy, and a great amount of rumours helped her in her decision. Of course, the rumour must side the product and in this case, the product was from Samsung. Another example, another friend of mine also decides to buy a Samsung and I asked why Samsung. She simply said,’because of the sound, is it not obvious?’ That is how strong and effective Samsung creations can get.

The sensory receptors of smell and taste cannot definitively provide information about the mentioned product and brand. It is important to note that electronics cannot be smelled or tasted. However, if a product emits a foul odor, it is advisable not to purchase it and inform the responsible person. Caution should also be exercised if there is a burnt smell, as this may indicate a potential short circuit in the device. Fortunately, no problems have been reported regarding Samsung electronics thus far.

For taste, it is advisable to avoid licking gadgets or electronics with the tongue as the liquids can cause short circuits and lead to negative consequences. It is important to educate younger individuals about this to prevent injury or even death. Therefore, it is crucial for the person handling the product to be knowledgeable and ensure it has a pleasant smell. Lastly, the sense of touch is arguably the most important for fully experiencing Samsung mobile phones.

The sense of touch is believed to impact the entire body and can elicit emotional responses. Samsung leverages these sensations to cultivate loyal customers by offering exceptional quality materials that set them apart from other brands in the market. Moreover, it is not just the exterior that can be physically touched; the internal components such as the battery, memory card, and processing system are equally significant. These elements differentiate Samsung from other brands and are vital considerations for consumers.

Samsung’s goal is to offer a powerful system, longer battery life, and more storage space in order to retain their consumers. Ensuring high-quality materials and defect-free products is crucial, as consumers interact with every aspect of the product. Additionally, organizing is a key component of the consumer buying behavior perception process, as it allows us to categorize individuals into groups and easily analyze the accumulated results.

The Gestalt Principle is a theoretical concept that explains how our perception is organized. According to this principle, our brains simplify sensory information in order to understand the world by perceiving individual parts as a unified whole. Inclination and cognitive influence play significant roles in this process, representing a person’s strong mindset or major influence.

Inclination entails a fondness or choice that can impact whether an individual will comply or not. Consider a friend of mine who possesses a strong yearning for acquiring a new hand phone, despite lacking the necessary funds. Nonetheless, driven by his inclination, he ultimately opted to purchase the hand phone, showcasing his resolve to achieve what he desires even when faced with limited resources. In contrast, cognitive influence operates differently.

The Gestalt Principle includes references to both inclination and cognitive influence. Cognitive influence encompasses professional and common sense, with multiple methods available to assess the need for it through thorough contemplation. This process entails applying a logical approach based on the available resources. As an illustration, I know another individual who desires to acquire a new mobile phone. Nevertheless, she lacks the necessary funds to purchase her preferred model. Consequently, after considering various avenues to fulfill her desire, she opts to buy a more reasonably priced alternative.

The text explains that the brain utilizes three mechanisms – figure and ground, grouping, and closure – to organize stimuli into a meaningful form. Figure and ground is the first mechanism, where individuals perceive visible objects based on contrasts between the image and background. When an object has differing colors or shapes for the image and background, it can create the illusion of two distinct things.

Individuals tend to prioritize the visual aspect over the background when determining importance. This means that an attractive image has a stronger impact on consumers’ perspective, drawing their attention solely to it. However, the background also contributes to highlighting and making the image more visible. Whether through color or shape, the background helps in making the image stand out, enabling consumers to clearly see and vividly perceive it.

For instance, Samsung’s logo highlights the wording with a blue background and white wordings, making the word ‘Samsung’ naturally stand out. Even with just a quick glance, people can easily see the logo and instantly recognize it. If you ask anyone if they know any other brand that uses white as the word and blue as its background, there would be two answers in Malaysia: Celcom and Samsung. However, Samsung has surpassed the Malaysian brand and has become the predominant logo worldwide.

To put it simply, Samsung has successfully created a solid presence in the minds of consumers, and this will only grow stronger over time. The concepts of figure and ground, as well as grouping and closure, are all part of perceptual positioning. These two concepts, grouping and closure, play an important role in perception by shaping the visual senses of consumers.

They are also involved in organizing stimuli, positioning themselves in the consumer’s mind. Grouping is a process where individuals organize the results they have reviewed from their own perspective into groups of stimuli, bringing them together to gain a better understanding. This process of bringing all stimuli together is known as grouping. Grouping is widely utilized in businesses as it establishes connections between consumer desires and the corresponding products. It is analogous to the law of supply and demand.

Generally, Samsung’s ads exhibit individuals engaging with their gadgets, enticing viewers to experience the advertised product as something enjoyable. These ads typically feature an individual or a group utilizing the mobile’s capabilities, showcasing applications or software that involve multiple users. The main objective of these advertisements is to demonstrate the functionality of the device and how people can effortlessly utilize it.

The advertisement by Samsung creates a connection between the consumer’s knowledge and the brand. Closure, on the other hand, refers to individuals being attracted to perfect physical appearance and images. It is something that can be visually imagined, especially when it comes to grouping. According to the text, closure occurs when an individual completes an imperfect or incomplete image or physical appearance. Researchers also suggest that unfinished tasks are easier to remember compared to completed ones. Samsung utilizes this type of advertisement to stimulate and motivate consumers, encouraging them to complete the messages or advertisements. The hidden messages in these advertisements also pique consumer curiosity, prompting them to further explore what Samsung has to offer. If executed successfully, this approach could be highly beneficial for Samsung. And indeed, they have done it right. Samsung once showcased some features of their new mobile phone through hidden messages, leaving consumers curious about additional capabilities.

This experiment proved to be successful, as the data indicates that the number of consumers purchasing their mobile phone doubled. The advertisement began with a typical showcase of the mobile phone’s features and a person using it. However, towards the end of the advertisement, Samsung incorporated a blur effect on certain functions, leaving the person in the ad astounded. Consumers were extremely intrigued by this and eagerly wanted to learn more. In conclusion, this assignment has taught me valuable skills in information research and applying concepts to consumer behavior in daily life.

Studying the brand Samsung provides insights into consumer desires and requirements. Samsung’s position as a leader in the mobile industry has generated valuable consumer perception data. Organizing this information is crucial for influencing consumers’ choices and actions. Additionally, marketers should consider how the Gestalt Principle impacts consumers’ cognitive processes and preferences.

Samsung has invested significant effort in collecting data about their consumers, as indicated by the widespread usage of Samsung products. The three stimuli mechanisms – figure and ground, grouping, and closure – play crucial roles in the perception process. Consequently, Samsung requires information to accurately identify their target markets. In summary, Samsung has successfully determined the preferences and needs of their consumers, establishing themselves as a leader in their industry through diligent work.

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