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Learning the Brand Samsung

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Samsung has been dominating the Asian mobile industry ever since their top-of-the-line electronic products and services which was founded and formed at the year 1938. Ask anyone around you at anytime, anywhere in the world what is Samsung. 99% of the people that you asked will definitely tell you that it’s a mobile phone.

However, Samsung does not only produce mobile phones as they are involved with high tech gadgets that involves electronics such as the television, kitchen tools, sound system, basically everything that has to do with electronics and more like apparels, chemicals, medical equipment, ships, and basically everything that has to do with consumer electronics.

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Learning the Brand Samsung
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Not only that, Samsung also offers advertising, construction, entertainment, financial services, hospitality information, and communications technology services, medical services and retail services as well in the course of the history of the company.

This apparently gave Samsung the advantage to be number one in terms of brands across the world as it covers and assist almost everything needed in the business world as well as our daily life routines.

Without the assistant from the gadgets, our lives would be harder to go through but still not impossible at the same time. The point is, the gadgets and electronics make our lives a whole lot simpler and less stress in at hand. Thus, it is safe to say that Samsung’s main industry is the electronics’ market.

Samsung is one of the most used brands in the world and Asia’s favourite brand in electronics too as it is created at South Korea, which is in Asia itself. The market segment of Samsung varies to a very large segment as it aims from low income to high income individuals. It has already a fact that everyone uses Samsung nowadays and it is obvious to see the facts when as you get out of the house, everyone is either using Samsung’s mobile phone or any types of gadgets that has Samsung written all over it. That is why I will be focusing on the mobile phone product from Samsung for this assignment. Consumer Perception Consumer perception is like the saying ‘different people, different mindsets’. In another word, each individual has their own way of viewing a situation or any physical matter. The perception is where the cognitive process where an individual will select, organise and respond to any question or action received. Like Newton’s third law of physic, “in every action, will have a reaction” and that every single actions done will have different outcomes. In the perception concept, the actions are the sensory receptor function that involves vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

All these functions have their own way on telling what the individual might feel or react to. Each one of the individuals will have different ways on reacting. Therefore, even if a similar situation where using the five senses is unavoidable, a group of individuals will have different outcomes and response where there will not be a single answer to the situation given. For example, in vision, some people may view a stray dog as disgusting and dirty, but on another individual, the stray dog would be something that has a value and pretty.

Samsung creates their mobile phone while thinking of what the market or consumers would like. People like something that is pretty to look at and sophisticated at the same time. Thus, the Samsung mobile phones are all attractive and that the eyes can’t avoid seeing everyone else are using the same phone. Plus, the camera of the mobile phone is updated and the technology makes the camera even better than human’s eyesight. Samsung’s mobile phones are all equipped with high technology that gives satisfaction to those who likes taking pictures, high quality pictures.

For Samsung, everything will be pretty at the eye of their cameras. 2 Next are the hearing senses. Being able to keep up with the rest of the brands in the world, Samsung provides very good quality sound systems in their mobile phones. A lot of people nowadays are music and sound oriented. Even if they could not speak, music and sound will be an instrument of life and that with better quality sound, it will be easier for them to understand and enjoy life. Samsung understands that and that is also why they are very well known in the industry as they produce great gadgets.

For marketers, the sound of the advertisement will serve as stimuli for consumers to buy products and that rumours will also be a great assistant for Samsung. For example, a friend of mine was asking around for what phone to buy, and a great amount of rumours helped her in her decision. Of course, the rumour must side the product and in this case, the product was from Samsung. Another example, another friend of mine also decides to buy a Samsung and I asked, why Samsung? She simply said, ‘because of the sound, is it not obvious? ’ That is how strong and effective Samsung creations can get.

In the five function of sensory receptor, there are two senses that could not bring a definite answer regarding to the product and brand that I was mentioning. The two senses are smell and taste. Electronics are not to be smelled nor tasted but nevertheless, if there is something smelly in the product, then be advised not to buy it and do tell the person in charge of it. Also, if there is something smelly like something was burnt, be aware and be safe as it might be a short circuit going on inside the gadget. Fortunately, no case has been reported so far from Samsung electronics up till now.

For the taste senses, if it is possible, try not to lick using the tongue the gadget or electronics. Liquids from the tongue might cause short circuits and that can lead to bad news. It would be great to tell the younger ones earlier that they should not do it or injury and even death may be occurred if still proceed to do so. Therefore, the person in charge needs to know the product well and smells nice. For the final function of sensory receptor, which is the touch senses is probably the most important sense to have in order to fully acknowledge Samsung mobile phones.

The sense of touch are said to influence the whole body and could lead to emotional stimuli. Samsung uses these senses as part of their ways of gaining loyal consumers as they provide really good quality materials that cannot be found in other brands and products of the same market. 3 Plus, not only the visible part can be touched, but the insides are also important. Basic things like the battery and the memory card as well as the processing system is important for consumers as that is what actually differentiates Samsung from others brands.

Running from a powerful system, longer life batteries and bigger space in terms of storage are what Samsung aims for in retaining their consumers. Consumer touches everything and that is why the materials used to the finished product must be at top notch at all times without any defects. 4 Organising as a component of the perception process involved in consumer buying behaviour Basically, organising is a process where we try to set individuals into groups. By organising, it is easier for us to locate and sum up all the results obtained.

Theoretically speaking, how we organize the way we percept things is called the Gestalt Principle. According to the text, this principle states that we tend to view individual parts as a whole. Logically, our brains organize different perceptions and simplify our sensory information. This is to ensure that we can interpret the worlds’ in a way which has more sense. The important elements in the process of organising the perception process are the inclination and cognitive influence. Inclination basically means that there is a strong mindset or a major influence within an individual him or herself.

Inclination is a liking or preference and thus, will influence an individual to submit or not. For example, a friend of mine really wants a new hand phone but could not afford it. However, with his inclination influence on rage, he made up his mind and purchased a hand phone anyways. He is the type of person that really goes for what he wants, despite having enough resources to achieve. Nonetheless, he will try to find a way to make it possible. On the other hand, cognitive influence is the exact opposite of inclination.

Cognitive influence involves professional and common sense. Numbers of ways to determine whether he or she needs it is run-through a series of deep thinking. This involves a more logical solution based on the resources available. For example, another friend of mine wants to buy a new hand phone. However, she does not have the resources to purchase the phone that she really wants. Instead, after thinking of ways to get what she wants, she decides to buy a new hand phone, but a more affordable model. The inclination and cognitive are both mentioned in the Gestalt Principle.

According to the text, this principle also states that our brain uses three mechanisms to organise and position stimuli into a meaningful form. Those three stimuli are figure and ground; grouping; and closure. All these three will be further explained next. 5 Figure and ground According to the text, an individual view a visible object based on the differences or the contra of the background and the image itself. In any type of object with the image and background having different colours or shapes, will give the consumer a view of two different things which leads to different perceptions.

As a normal human being people tend to look what is more important, and that is the image rather than looking at the background. This brings the meaning that a pictorial aspect has more influence to the consumer’s point of view and with more attractive image being on it will further increase the level of focus towards the image and the image only. However, the background also serves as a highlighter to further increase the awareness in the image as the background, be it coloured or shapes, will be able to pop the image out so that the consumers will be able to look at it clearer and more vividly.

For example, Samsung’s logo emphasises on the wording where with blue background and white wordings, the word ‘Samsung’ pops out naturally. People will be able to see the logo and recognizes it even if it was only a glance. Ask anyone around if they know any other brand that uses the colours white as the word and blue as its background. In Malaysia, there would be two answers which are Celcom and Samsung. However, Samsung has overpowered the Malaysian brand and it became the major logo around the world.

In a nutshell, Samsung has established a strong figure and ground to their consumers and that will continue to increase as time passes by because Samsung has already landed in their consumers’ mindset and will continue to be for a very long time. 6 Grouping and closure Grouping and closure both are included in perceptual positioning together with figure and ground mentioned earlier. Both grouping and closure also plays a very significant role in the perception as both are related in terms of images that leads to vision senses in consumer perception.

They are also part of the stimuli organisation and that this will position themselves in the consumer’s mind. Grouping is a process where an individual will organise results that has been overviewed from their own point of view in groups of stimuli and gather them altogether to form a better view. The forming of all the stimuli is called the grouping. Grouping is used widely in any businesses as it creates links between consumer wants and their products together. It is like the law of supply and demand.

Samsung’s advertisements normally consist of people interacting with the gadgets and that could stimulate other person to see what’s being advertised is something that is fun. In the advertisement, you would normally see the mobile’s functionality being used by a single person or in a group person where the application or software involves multiple users. The advertisement’s purpose is to show both the software of the gadget and how people are using it. It also shows that how easy are the gadgets to be used.

At the same time, the advertisement creates a link between the consumer’s knowledge and Samsung. Closure on the other hand, researchers explains that every person is attracted mostly to perfect physical appearance and images. It is something that you can visually imagine same goes to grouping but in a more focused way. According to the text, the action taken by and individual in completing any imperfect or incomplete images or physical appearance is known as closure. Researchers also said that it is easier to remember something that you did not finish compared to something you already done. Samsung does this kind of advertisement as well as it can be stimulating to the consumer upon watching it and that it is used to attract and motivate them to complete such messages or advertisements. The hidden messages in the advertisement also triggers the consumer to be further curious about what is going on and are willing to find out what is happening with Samsung. This would be a jackpot for Samsung if they did it right. And of course, they did it right. Samsung once showed few features of their new mobile phone with hidden messages like what more can the gadget do.

This turned out to be a success as the results shows that consumers buying their mobile phone increases to a double. The advertisement started as common as the mobile phone’s appearance and a person interacting with it. But, in the end of the advertisement, Samsung did a blur effect on some of the functions that made the person in the advertisement to be really amazed. Consumers went ballistic on this as they wanting to know so badly. 8 Conclusion This assignment has thought me how to develop the ability to search for information and apply the concepts in everyday life as well as in consumer behaviour.

Learning the brand Samsung gives me the opportunity to fully understand what the consumer wants and needs. Samsung have been dominating the cellular industry for quite a time now and thus, the consumer perception information is stacked up much. Organising will be a essential component in the perception process as it will determine what consumer will do or decides to do. The inclination and cognitive influence by Gestalt Principle serves to be crucial for marketers to know what they really want.

Samsung has made a great effort in obtaining information about their consumers as we can see in the present that everyone is using Samsung. The three stimuli mechanism figure and ground; grouping; and closure are all essential in the perception process and thus, it is a need to have information for Samsung in order for them to clearly identify their target markets. As a conclusion, Samsung has done a great job in ensuring who are they consumers and what they really need and wants. It is safe to say that Samsung deserves to be at the top in the respected industry as they really worked hard for it.

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