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Dagoberto Gilb’s “Love in L. A. ” is a love narrative that is set on a expressway in Las Angeles. Now this is an unusual scene for a love narrative. nevertheless. “Love in L. A. ” is a different sort of love narrative.

The narrative opens up with Jake. a careless and irresponsible cat sitting in traffic. Gilb states that Jake is sitting in “near motionless traffic. ” This symbolizes Jake’s life. Jake drives a ’58 Buick which is out of day of the month and old. He wishes that this auto had more accoutrements such as an FM wireless. crushed velvet seats. and heat and air. He believes that these things will take him to a better life of adult females in fancy frocks that idolize him. However. Jake is making nil to do these wants come true. Much like the traffic. Jake’s life is inactive.

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The narrative progresses when Jake snaps out of his phantasy merely in clip to witness himself crash into the Toyota in forepart of him. This is another illustration of the sloppiness of Jake. Besides. Jake contemplates driving off from the accident but realizes that the traffic jam would do it highly hard. So he pulls over and gets out inspecting his auto. Alternatively of look intoing on the others. Jake is egoistic and looks over his auto foremost. After doing certain his auto is non damaged from the accident. Jake goes to speak to the lady that he hit. He instantly tries to wheedle the miss and acquire her phone figure.

The miss. whose name is Mariana. is the girl of an immigrant household from Venezuela. Her parents have worked highly difficult to afford her new Toyota. which is now reasonably banged up from the clang. Jake makes another careless remark on how easy her auto is to rupture up. and so continues to state that they should travel out for breakfast and speak this over. This isn’t the lone clip that Jake tries to avoid the state of affairs. When Mariana asks for his driver’s licence. Jake makes up an excessive prevarication about how he is a musician and left his licence in his other bloomerss. He even goes to state that he does non desire to describe the accident to insurance.

Mariana sees right through what Jake is making. She suspects that he does non hold insurance. but Jake prevarications and says he does. Jake writes down a batch of false information including his name. reference. phone figure. and insurance company. Again. this goes to demo the sloppiness and irresponsibleness of Jake. Jake asks for Mariana’s phone figure one last clip and she eventually gives it to him. He tries to wheedle her once more before go forthing. but Mariana still writes down the figure of his besides fake license home base. . After he leaves the accident. Jake goes back to twenty-four hours woolgathering about a better auto that would take to a better life which will likely ne’er come.

Gilb wrote “Love in L. A. ” to demo how careless and irresponsible people like Jake attempt to lie and take advantage of guiltless and hard-working households like Mariana’s. Jake is making nil to progress his life except twenty-four hours woolgathering while driving. while Mariana’s household has worked highly difficult. They started out with nil and have come to be able to give their girl a new Toyota.

Jake has tried to victimize Mariana. but she sees right through his act of prevarications and gets the information she thinks she needs. Jake still came out on top because he lied to Mariana and gave her false information and got off without any effects. Gilb is seeking to state that no affair how difficult you or your household work. you still can non get the better of everyone in this universe. and that people will ever seek and take advantage of you.

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