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M1. Assess How a Selected Business Could Improve Their Operations Ethically.

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    There are many things Tesco’s can do to improve their operations ethically, which I am going to explain below how. Tesco’s can differ the way they operate, by becoming greener They should show more keen interest and be environmentally conscious by having green policies, less packaging, recyclable bins for the public to use and charge for bags; encourage people to reuse their bags.

    Moreover all their stores should have sustainable environmental technology such as solar panels, to reduce the amount of electricity used (saving energy), which will reduce their carbon footprint too. Likewise they can join originations like “Friends of the Earth, Environmentalism and Green Peace” etc. Create more jobs Tax increase to 20% “the government hopes the rise in VAT will raise ? 13bn a year, but it is predicted to hit retail sales”. Due to this consumers are worried about job losses and how they will be able live their lives with all these cuts.

    But on the other hand “SUPERMARKETS led the way in announcing tens of thousands of new jobs at a growth summit hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street”. Furthermore “Tesco expects to hire another 9,000 staff, the Co-op 1,000 and Asda 15,000 retail apprenticeships”, which is very ethical. Moreover to be ethical, Tesco’s must deliver and create jobs for “9,000” people as stated. This will help people who are jobless, as well as who have lost their jobs and hopefully “lead to an increase in employment in the next five years”. ttp://www. bbc. co. uk/news/uk-politics-1214541 Paying less to suppliers Tesco’s are also paying less to suppliers which is very unethical and they need to make improvements to become more ethical. This concern has been raised by many different groups, as they feel “Tesco is paying low prices to suppliers in the UK in order to maximise its profits”. http://www. thisismoney. co. uk/news/article. h tml? in_article_id=320069&in_page _id=2#ixzz17t1YQdUx.

    They can improve and clear this concern and bad reputation upon their supermarket, by paying their suppliers based in India according to the NMW national minimum wage figures. So instead paying “? 8. 75 for a 54-hour, six-day week and the ? 7 a week. ” they should pay “? 4. 92 – the 18-20 rate and ? 3. 64 – the 16-17 rate for workers above school leaving age but under 18” http://www. direct. gov. uk/en/Employment/Employees/TheN ationalMinimumWage/DG_10027201. This is triple the amount that Tesco’s give now and is a very ethical operation.

    Furthermore this change will have a great impact as Tesco is a large organization; it will put a stop to abusing small traders out of business and prevent local stores from closing down; as well prevent damaging the environment by reducing the amount of pesticides used to create large quantity of food for cheap. Furthermore to be more ethical they can support fair trade by prompting other leading supermarkets like Asda and Sainsbury’s to improve their operations ethically by having fare trade; as well as sell more fair trade products in their stores.

    Stop caged Chicken. Tesco’s is known for their cheap products, but if you do research behind how they are able to provide these cheap products it is not very ethical. For example because there is a demand for cheap products, Tesco’s feel the need to have caged chickens and battery eggs which is very unethical. Tesco’s therefore by doing this can sell 2 chickens for ? 5. Moreover Tesco’s should consider a change by having free range chickens and eggs because not only it is cruel and unmoral, but it has an affect on the customers.

    As caged chickens do not have enough nutrients to pass on to our body because they use up all the energy, and most of it go to their body and face, this equals to less energy that comes out to us. Therefore better quality meat/chickens are not only good for the animas, but better for our health. Furthermore in order to improve their operations ethically they can change their suppliers to whom, supply free range chickens/eggs. As well as, Tesco’s should “want a high welfare for chickens and a fair deal for farmers” by supporting “Chicken Out” and many other pressure groups.

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