Ma earth skin care tries to stay natural

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The ethical issue Heather faces is a personal one. She spends excessive amounts of money on materials for her product. Her company also provides funds and resources to villagers to grow the materials needed for production. In addition, Ma Earth Skin care has a unique strategy focusing on using all-natural ingredients and minimizing harm to the environment. Currently, Heather and her team are in the process of launching a promotional campaign for a new product line called Oré Essentials, which includes lipsticks, foundation, and eye shadows.

The woman realized that the company is using an incorrect method to promote their product when she made a costly purchase of ingredients from villagers. The cost ended up being higher than if she had bought directly from a mainstream supplier. Ma Earth should create an ethical atmosphere that supports managers like Heather in ensuring ethical behavior. First, they should revise the labor contract regarding the quantity and quality of the product. They tried to convince the villagers to grow the necessary items and invested a significant amount of money in their cultivation, but the villagers did not fulfill their commitment.

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Companies can effectively utilize the Amazon forest by investing a moderate amount of money to acquire necessary resources. Moreover, they can subsequently engage in reforestation efforts to support environmental preservation. This approach also safeguards against any illegal trading with tribal chiefs for ingredients.

Preventing the occurrence of law and regulation violations in our society is crucial. The company can demonstrate ethical behavior by withdrawing school and clinic services in the tribe, which will also help in reducing costs. Improving a manager’s ethical awareness and literacy can have a positive impact on ethical decision-making. When a manager possesses ethical awareness, they are more likely to make decisions that benefit everyone involved.

The company can enhance the protection of employee interests by utilizing the trade unions and enterprise labor dispute mediation committee. Additionally, they should promote the role of social organizations in fostering harmonious labor relations and also recognize their leadership potential within the government. Lastly, organizing a seminar can help improve the legal awareness of both the company and its workers.

The Earth has the ability to create a danger sign to assist managers like Heather in guaranteeing ethical behavior. Maintaining consistent ethical behavior among all employees is a continuous challenge. In addition, setting Corporate Ethical Standards can foster a culture that promotes ethical behavior, making managers like Heather more ethical individuals. Another aspect is the implementation of ethics codes, which detail guidelines for employee conduct, community and environmental responsibility, relationships with shareholders, customers, suppliers, and contractors, political activities, and technology.

Lastly, ethics programs encompass formal ethics codes that clearly state the company’s ethics expectations and disciplinary procedures for addressing unethical conduct. In addition, compliance-based ethics programs are designed to prevent, detect, and penalize legal infractions. Question 3: Ma Earth is exemplifying philanthropic responsibility in this case. Philanthropic responsibility involves engaging in additional actions and initiatives that society deems beneficial and align with the business’s values.

Ma Earth is fulfilling their philanthropic duty by providing facilities like schools and hospitals to the villagers. Additionally, they are supporting community projects that aim to build schools, in order to ensure the younger generation can acquire more knowledge. The company is also making charitable contributions by donating clothes and food to the villagers.

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