Macbeth Blood Symbolism Analysis

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Blood is a symbolic representation of sin throughout the play, evoking fear and suspense in both the characters and the readers. Macbeth and his wife’s immoral ambitions reveal their guilt. Even before their actions took place, Macbeth was plagued by haunting images of blood: “I see thee still, and on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood, which was not so before” (Macbeth II. i. 54-56). The play is filled with bloodshed that is overflowing with guilt and sin. At the start of the play, blood represents honor, bravery, good, and victory. The blood on Macbeth’s sword after the war signifies him as a courageous hero for defeating his enemy. He gains the title of “Brave Macbeth” and becomes the Thane of Cawdor. The blood at the beginning of the play garners respect for Macbeth and earns him a title. Thus, blood strongly symbolizes guilt in Macbeth.

After Macbeth murdered King Duncan in his sleep, both he and Lady Macbeth were filled with panic and anxiety. They were deeply unsettled by the strange noises they had heard. Macbeth not only felt fear, but also an overwhelming sense of guilt. He had just killed his King and friend with his own corrupted hands, taking a life from someone he had been loyal to. As they had witnessed me with these hands of a killer, they were afraid. I couldn’t even say “Amen!” (Macbeth II. ii. 40-41). Initially, Lady Macbeth appears composed. “Don’t dwell on it so much,” she tells him (Lady II. ii. 43). “We must not think about these deeds in this way. It will drive us insane,” she adds (Lady II. ii. 47-48). Lady Macbeth noticed that Macbeth still held the blood-stained dagger used in the murder and instructed him to go back into the chamber to smear the blood on the grooms in order to frame them. However, Macbeth was too shocked by the entire situation to return to the scene.

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