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Meaning of Work in the Context of My Family History

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    The meaning of work in to me is not get money to get money even though I will need to get it to survive so I obviously need to get a income for that need, But as from past experience i have not cared about the money I have gotten jobs for $65+ an hour then by the end it will be rounded off to the nearest highest hundred (for 2 hours $130 rounded off will be $200) but i will still prefer to take a less paying job because of the reasons why I work, I work to feel achievement out of my effort preferably making difference to helping others, but mainly to feel achievement for the amount of effort I put in, In times that I have a good job that I can achieve with a lot and paid well but there’s is not that much that I can help others with I will try to get a side job that I can do something to help society (EMT, Air National Guard, Lifeguard, helping children achieve and etc..)

    As in my family they have the same values I have 3 sisters that work in the Medical Industry, one in Management company of a multiple Nursing homes, one a Regional Manager in an company that supplies food for multiple nursing homes, and the other is a Quality of Life Assistant at Rehabilitation for Children. And my mother is a manager of a High School, and my dad is a Chaplain, Rabbi, Self Defense/Karate and Kung Fu Instructor for children and adults, pre-military trainer for soldiers going to US Military and IDF, and a Guidance Counselor for Teens and Adults [don’t ask me how he makes time for all these things it’s one of the 7 / 8 wonders of the world 😉 I guess when you put your heart on something you can find the time for it]

    And my Family history most were as far as 1400 is documented in history to be in the military even until this very day and others were also educators, mayors and so forth mainly jobs that help society and even the ones that had other successful jobs all ways had side things they did to help society.

    And in my family and family history the woman job was seen as the pillar of the home and the man job was to do everything to help her each was appreciated for their effort other than that there is no man or woman’s job in my family and its history every man and woman was/is taught how to cook, wash clothing, clean the house, take care of babies, and build and fix stuff, and defend themselves and others. As you can tell there was no job that was mans or woman’s, the person what did that job the best will do it most times but others will do it also. As work jobs to bring money all jobs man and woman did/do what they think is best for them, Like Military, Educators, Managers, ​Mechanics, Chefs, Medical workers, Handyman/woman and etc. Was taken by men and women alike, although in the Era of knights mostly men were in the military because of the heavy armor was likely to harm a woman’s structured body but when without that issue although men usually did what they were best at military, heavy lifting work, there was always women what did it also.

    So I guess my family may have had the idea of equality for many centuries.

    In my family history we have been under famous world leaders that were woman.

    First The Prophetess and judge Deborah during the Jewish year the Jewish year 2654-2694

    And In 1500/1600s during the Spanish inquisition we betrayed the Spanish as Jewish knights and we joined Queen Elizabeth I of the United Kingdom’s Military, And also served again under Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

    As you can tell I work to feel achievement out of my effort preferably making difference to helping others and I believe in equality strongly and there is no such thing as mans or woman’s job you just do what you like and are good at, Except what I said before that the woman’s job was seen as the pillar of the home and the man’s job was to do everything to help her each was appreciated for their effort and I see that as more responsibility aspects not job aspects.



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