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Meer Taqi Meer Sample

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The chief beginning of information on Mir’s life is his autobiography Zikr-e-Mir. which covers the period from his childhood to the beginnings of his visit in Lucknow. [ 2 ] However. it is said to hide more than it reveals. [ 3 ] with stuff that is dateless or presented in no chronological sequence. Therefore. many of the ‘true details’ of Mir’s life remain a affair of guess. Mir was born in Agra. India ( so called Akbarabad and ruled by the Mughals ) ca. August or September 1723 in a household of Arab beginnings.

His doctrine of life was formed chiefly by his male parent. a spiritual adult male with a big followers. whose accent on the importance of love and the value of compassion remained with Mir throughout his life and imbued his poesy. Mir’s father died while the poet was in his teens. He left Agra for Delhi a few old ages after his father’s decease. to complete his instruction and besides to happen frequenters who offered him fiscal support ( Mir’s many frequenters and his relationships with them have been described by his transcriber C.

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M. Naim ) . [ 4 ]

Some bookmans consider two of Mir’s masnavis ( long narrative verse form rhymed in pairs ) . Mu’amlat-e-ishq ( The Stages of Love ) and Khwab o khyal-e Mir ( “Mir’s Vision” ) . written in the first individual. as inspired by Mir’s ain early love personal businesss. [ 5 ] but it is by no agencies clear how autobiographical these histories of a poet’s passionate love matter and descent into lunacy are. Particularly. as France W. Pritchett points out. the severe portrayal of Mir from these masnavis must be juxtaposed against the image drawn by Andalib Shadani. whose inquiry suggests a really different poet. given to unembarrassed erotism in his poetry [ 6 ] Mir lived much of his life in Mughal Delhi. Kuchha Chelan. in Old Delhi was his reference at that clip. However. after Ahmad Shah Abdali’s poke of Delhi each twelvemonth get downing 1748. he finally moved to the tribunal of Asaf-ud-Daulah in Lucknow. at the king’s invitation. Distressed to witness the pillage of his darling Delhi. he gave blowhole to his feelings through some of his pairs.

Mir migrated to Lucknow in 1782 and remained there for the balance of his life. Though he was given a sort welcome by Asaf-ud-Daulah. he found that he was considered antique by the courtiers of Lucknow ( Mir. in bend. was disdainful of the new Lucknow poesy. disregarding the poet Jur’at’s work every bit simply ‘kissing and cuddling’ ) . Mir’s relationships with his frequenter bit by bit grew strained. and he finally severed his connexions with the tribunal. In his last old ages Mir was really stray. His wellness failed. and the decease of his girl. boy and married woman caused him great hurt. [ 7 ] He died. of a cathartic overdose. on Friday. 21 September 1810. [ 1 ] The marker of his burial topographic point was removed in modern times when a railroad was built over his grave. [ 8 ] Literary life

His complete plants. Kulliaat. consist of six Diwans incorporating 13. 585 pairs. consisting all sorts of poetic signifiers: ghazal. masnavi. qasida. rubai. mustezaad. sarcasm. etc. [ 1 ] Mir’s literary repute is anchored on the ghazals in his Kulliyat-e-Mir. much of them on subjects of love. His masnavi Mu’amlat-e-Ishq ( The Stages of Love ) is one of the greatest known love verse form in Urdu literature. Mir lived at a clip when Urdu linguistic communication and poesy was at a formative phase – and Mir’s natural aesthetic sense helped him strike a balance between the autochthonal look and new enrichment coming in from Iranian imagination and parlance. to represent the new elect linguistic communication known as Rekhta or Hindui. Establishing his linguistic communication on his native Hindustani. he leavened it with a scattering of Iranian enunciation and wording. and created a poetic linguistic communication at one time simple. natural and elegant. which was to steer coevalss of future poets. The decease of his household members. [ 1 ] together with earlier reverses ( including the traumatic phases in Delhi ) . impart a strong poignancy to much of Mir’s composing – and so Mir is noted for his poesy of poignancy and melancholy.

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