My Major: a Path to a Life Time Career Essay

Throughout school I never really fully intended on what I wanted to do for a career. Growing up I thought a career was being an astronaut or a cowboy but then I realized it’s so much more.

Coming up to my junior year is when I decided I wanted to be in the criminal justice field. Not only has criminal justice become a strong interest, it’s something I really hope will become not just a job but something I always aspired to do.

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My Major: a Path to a Life Time Career
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Being in the criminal justice field is great but it all starts here. During the college process junior year, I had soon realized that I was still undecided about a career choice.

Realizing that senior year was right around the corner it was time to get my act together and seriously start considering my options. It was then junior year when I decided that criminal justice was something I had always been fascinated with. Watching shows like Criminal minds, NCIS, and Law & Order, made me only inspired to help with wanting to be in law enforcement.

Wanting to be a part of something so big like criminal justice not only takes a lot of effort but requires a long career plan.

Choosing Westfield will only make my career plan so much easier.After all my schooling, I fully intend on starting out on border patrol because in the end I would like to become a FBI agent in the long run. To do so I’m going to need experience in certain fields like experience in law enforcement, such as border patrol, police officer, security guard and etc. That these experiences will help me achieve towards my main goal for a career.

Also another way I can achieve my main goal of becoming an agent is to serve in the military. I don’t mind this way because since my dad has served in the military quite some time I don’t mind following his footsteps.Joining the military isn’t the easiest choice to do, because there is so much risk in it. But I can continue my families tradition if I want.

One thing I do get from it though is the experience of being there and the training needed to become an agent. I believe after graduating from the University, I’m going to join the Air force. When I was a little boy I was always fascinated with jet fighters and the Military itself. I looked up to my dad since he was in the Army as an officer, he is my role model because he fought for his country and he helped me growing up.

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