My Mother – Amazing Person

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My mother Marilyn Ramos is an amazing person she is the definiton of “wonderful”. She is 39 years old she is a baker and she loves to work with women who are hurt and been through alot in life. My mother has an awesome heart she know when to make me smile and keep me happy. A good mother has many defining traits, unconditional love, support, and being a good role model. My mother has a never-ending supply of unconditoional love.

My mother shows her love in so many ways by just randomly kissing us and giving us hugs, buying us stuff, and taking us out for some time alone with her. Me and my sister can get her so mad and she will be upset but then she will say something funny and be back to norml again. my mother has an awsome heart her love will never die. Her life can be a good example of a person who suffered a lot, but she still shows us her daughters her unconditional love. My mother shows a lot of support she is always there when i need her.

When i feel like i cant move on or i just cant take it no more, my mother is always there pushing me foward. My mother is a fighter and she fights for what she loves she will never want to see her daughters going through stuff we dont need to go through. By my mother showing us support she has learned herself to be a very strong person. My mother is a great role model my mother will show respect to her family, friends, and strangers, by showing all of them respect she teaches her children to be respectful and she shows us that when we are passing through something to count on her.

My mother has been hurt so many times she hates for us to see her crying or feeling weak she has always taught us that when the battle comes to confront it and just keep moving on. That’s my mother a very respectful person, a loving and kind person. my mother knows how to keep a smilw on our face and she is a strong women i thank my mom for everything she has provided for me and my sister.

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