My Mother, the Person That Motivated Me the Most

Everybody needs motivation at least at one point in his or her life either they give up or they don’t think they’ll ever make it. People constantly need someone or something to keep them going even though the journeys are rough and it may not be the best time of their life, but it’s worth it in the end. One person that kept me motivated and no matter what happen didn’t give up on me was my mother. My mother was the type of person that was going to push you to your fullest whether you like it or not but in the end you would be grateful towards her. Not only that but I’m grateful for my mother not being separated from my father. Because if they would I probably would not have tried as hard as I did in my life statistics show that if there is a divorce within a Child’s life they are more likely to do poorly in school not only that but Children Divorced Statics say “ Teenage children of divorce are three times more likely (35% instead of 13%) to need psychological help within a given year.”

I was merely a child. I was currently 5th or 4th grade I don’t quite remember exactly, but, what I do know is that I was in a classroom with dull flooring with the color of dark blue honestly, the color made the whole room more of an in closed space. Smudges of dried-up dirt were dragged in with the smell of damp grass from the children’s shoes. They went to the park in the back of the school that‘s all I knew I, on the other hand, did not, instead I read. I didn’t just read I fantasized of how the world in solely an individual books could bring such lucid pictures in my head and when I stopped reading it. It was like I escaped from my own little world where nobody was invited, nobody but me ach and every day I sat in my frowsy little desk. Now don’t get me wrong I did go outside sometimes I possible couldn’t be caged in that classroom reading a book every single day of my elementary school year.

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Actually yes I could have been sitting and not cared a single dime but my teacher, unfortunately, being the tyrant that she is would suggest (demand) to me that I go outside for a while and take in the “fresh air”. Yeah, talk about some fresh air when everyday you see are cars flying by and all you could smell was the aroma of the pernicious gases. I, being the kind student that I am said ok now rewind before we get to the part that I go outside I must tell you I wasn’t the most well-loved kid out there. I was fat. insecure. and not willing to interact with any of the other children fearing that I would embarrass myself by doing ridiculous things. Not only that but kids weren’t that friendly either, anyways I went outside slowly walking on the ever so slight moist pavement. My skin filled up with goose bumps it was cold and wet. and I hated it I remember I was sitting in the swings and the children running around playing tag hide and seek whatever game they could find to distract themselves with to pass by time.

While I just stared off into the sky it was not my besets day; my best friend wasn’t here my teach made me go outside. I didn‘t have my book and these kids for no apparent reason were snickering behind my back. Oh yeah they probably didn‘t notice me eavesdropping on them when they are literally 5 feet away and staring at me every 5 seconds. Very well played little kids anyways that’s me the shy little kid who hates the world and everybody in it I remember this sunny day it was mid-June I was at the kitchen counter. My mom and I didn’t have a table actually we had this elongated pulchritudinous marble counter, everybody adored it they would always comment on it saying ” Oh Laura I love that old counter you have. it looks lovely in the kitchen.” Or sometimes they would end up going of on how they always wanted a counter like that and how they were meaning to install one. But I knew that’s what made our house special until we moved, but that‘s another story for another time.

My mother at that time was a woman in her 30’s and going into her 40’s soon. She never did like talking about her age, Although as a small child I never understood the reasoning behind it. My mom didn’t look old at all she was an olive skin woman with dark tight curls that seemed unmanageable to her but in the sun it would turn a lovely dark brown and her curls would make the whole world envies. On that sunny day we sat on little old stools made out of maple oak wood. Heading off to school roughly around 9 after I ate, I wasn‘t looking forward to school it all. It was actually very unpleasant. I remember mentioning to my mom how school was awful and the children weren’t that great at being nice and she said this one phrase “This world we live in is a hell of place, but it you keep going it doesn’t matter because it’s only you that can make it your worst nightmare.”

Back then I was clueless at what she was talking about I honest to god id not get what this woman was saying I was befuddled by her remark. I at one point had this crazy thought that he meant we were living in hell and that we were all going to die at the end oh and by the way good luck kid I now look back at this moment amused at my childish self. But after that she also told me to stick up for myself don’t let anybody get in your way and don’t let no kid ever bully you because they don’t have the right to. And those two phrases that my mother told me stuck with me she gave me the will to not let them gain up on because they were only kids and kids should not be treating other kids like that by any other means. At break time I usually sat by a tree that provided enough shade for me l was fond of that tree, I would go to it every summer to be with my friend and read my book.

One of those days I saw a young blond girl she was about my age or a little bit older walking with this bug device it was soft pink with a slim flexible rubber handle that was attached to a ribbon that hung loosely around it. The net was made out of, a soft cotton martial this toy she carried around during break time beguiled me. You see I never owned one of these before and when I saw her capturing butterflies in it and putting them in a jar I wanted one to ever so badly, and went I went home I promptly told my mother I wanted one. That very day she got me one and l happily adored it my friend and I thought it was the prettiest thing we ever had. The very next day l was lining up to go inside the school and I saw the girl and you see I wanted to share this lovely thing with her and I went up to her and I told her to only find out that she was horrified that I copied her idea.

Now look here I was a sensitive kid growing up and I didn’t appreciate this kid telling me off for buying so thing that I found to be interesting and wanting to share it with her 50 me being the ” bigger person” walked away. That day I felt like a true adult when in reality I was merely a child of roughly the age of six and when I decided to be the bigger person I thought about my mother and her telling me that one phrase that meant that I should be the bigger person and when I got home I told my mother all about it and I jumped up in glee that my mother was so proud of me and that I did the right thing. Throughout my life I learned many things my mother was my motivation to keep me going, she was the one that told me that everything going to be alright and that I should be the best that I could be. She also told me that I should never ever give up even though it’s a rough path you should always try my hardest and I’m glad she told me that because she shaped me to be the person I am today.

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