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I have chosen to write about my work experience since it has been a very educating and eye opener in what the job force holds and entails to a new employee. I had been trying to get a job since I was 14 years old but no one was hiring at that age. Finally at 16 and after many applications, I was given an opportunity to work for Winn Dixie. I experienced just how hard is to look for a job and the disappointments of getting “we will call you” every time I went in to a company.

When I was offered this job I was so excited and so eager to start. It was long awaited. My family was struggling with bills. I couldn’t have what some of my friends had because my family couldn’t afford it and just being deprived of so many activities that costs money. So I was ready to work immediately. I was sent to get Drug Tested and a Background check and both tests were passed. I was trained to be a Cashier. Then finally I took my position as a Cashier.

I work part time because I do not want my studies to be compromised. I am an Honor Student and I need my GPA in excellent standings for my future school plans. I have learned what it entails to be responsible to my job, to my customers and finally the compensation of having worked by getting a paycheck. I have now helped my parents with needs I can offer and this feels great. I want to go further in life and be able to multiply what I started with into a profession I can be proud off and help my family and society.

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